Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: 19 months

Dearest Baby J,
You turned 19 months a few days ago, and my, what a nineteen month old you are! You are a chatterbox, and are always surprising us with the things you say. You were startled by the planes flying low the other time, and now proclaim that "J scared airplane flying in the sky" or "J angee (angry) with airplane". Each time a plane flies past, you grab my hand, and cling on tight until the sound passes. You like reading "Little Blue Truck" and would tell us "Toad SONG (strong)", and "truck stuck, truck sad". Many of your sentences start with "I want": you want to eat mango, you want "mama pat pat J boy", you want your panda bear. 

And speaking of pandas, you are obsessed with them. You have two panda toys, which you constantly carry around. You feed them food, you pat them, you bring them to bed with you. You also love your octopus toy, and still refer to them as "ahbaji". 

You're quite a singer these days. You like singing "Jesus Loves Me", but insist that we change the "me" to "J boy" instead. You also like singing "Deep and Wide", "Baby Beluga" as well as the alphabet song. It warms my heart these days, to hear you and Lil J singing "Jesus Loves Me".

You love hanging out with your brothers. They sometimes try to trap you or scare you, or get frustrated when you break up their structures, but I'm always glad to see you all playing together. Sometimes, you do get left out in some of their elaborate schemes, but you also like pottering about on your own, exploring the home in your own time.

You're quite adventurous with regards to food, and want to try everything (only to spit half the things out)! You love "ooo-eee" (sushi), and all kinds of fruit, and have been insisting on feeding yourself most of the time, which usually is a very messy affair.

The terrible twos are starting and you've been throwing rather epic tantrums, so I'm bracing myself for an exciting time ahead with you… But whatever the case, know that we love you so much!

Your Papa & Mama

Mum in the Making

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  1. Baby J is very articulate for his age. Praise God. :)



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