Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: Simple is best

We've just returned from a short trip to Tioman! We went with some friends and their kids, and while it was quite a challenge getting there and back (there was the drive, then the 2 hour ferry ride, and lots of waiting), I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

There wasn't much time to do a lot, since we only reached our hotel on Friday evening, and had to leave to catch the ferry at the unearthly hour of 5.15 am on Monday morning. We ended up eating at the hotel all the time, and the kids spent most of their time playing on the beach. We did manage to squeeze in some island hopping, but Junior J didn't want to go (he gets seasick), and the trip was too long for Baby J who still needed his nap, so I stayed behind with the two of them while the rest went.

The resort we stayed in only had wifi at their lobby and restaurant, but most of the time the wifi wasn't working in the restaurant. However, having wifi at the lobby was sufficient enough for us to send out Watsapps to our family members to let them know we had reached safely. We didn't have any internet access otherwise, which was good, since it meant we could rest and relax without being distracted by our devices.  It felt liberating to be unplugged for most of the trip, and not think about replying emails and messages!

I had a chat with the kids about what they enjoyed about the trip, and they all agreed that they enjoyed playing at the beach most. Which more or less confirms this article, that kids really prefer the simple pleasures most. It was lovely sitting in the shallows, watching all seven kids get busy in the sand. There wasn't any need to entertain them, and they automatically grouped together and started on their own project of digging a hole, which they later used to "bathe" Baby J in. Simple is really best, and I am thankful for this time we could have soaking in the sun and sea, together with family and friends!

P/S: I'll blog more about the trip in time to come!

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