Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: First birth

It was a Saturday, and I was up early to pack. We had just hosted some of hubby's relatives, who had stayed with us while their mum underwent some medical procedures. The guest room was supposed to be the baby's new room, but it wasn't ready yet, and baby was due in over a week's time, so I was starting to panic! Chinese New Year was just 2 days away, so there was spring-cleaning to be done, never mind that I was really huge at 38 weeks.

I was throwing stuff out, and shifting things around when I started having a tummy-ache. So off to the toilet I went, but it seemed to be nothing. I went back to packing. The tummy-ache came back. And then went away again. It played peekaboo with me for awhile before my foggy brain decided to register that it might not be a tummy-ache after all. I went to wake the hubs, and we monitored that "tummy-ache". It started getting worse and worse, and I realized I was going into labour. All this while I was thinking "nooo baby, you can't come yet, your room isn't ready, your cot isn't set-up, the whole house is a wreck for Chinese New Year!". Maybe the boy was just making sure he was going to be born in the year of the Rat and not the Ox, but off we went to the hospital, after I stuffed a few more things into my half-packed hospital bag. In the car, I was banging on the dashboard when the contractions came, and the hubby drove as quickly as he dared to the hospital.

We got to the labour ward after sorting out all the paper work, and I got that epidural. We had discussed about this much earlier, and the hubby, being the anesthetist he was, advised me to take it early. Boy was I glad I did, since all the pain went away after that! (The hubs was half thinking of doing it for me, but in the end, we decided against it.) My gynae came by, did a check, and left, since I was only 3 cm dilated. Nothing seemed to be happening, so we watched some shows, chitchatted, and waited. And waited some more. Then a few hours later, the pain started. It was agonizing. But hey wait, wasn't there an epidural? Aren't epidurals supposed to stop all that pain? We upped the dose for the epidural, but the pain persisted. Turns out, the baby was being pushed down, however I was not fully dilated yet, so I was experiencing perineal pain, which in some cases isn't covered by the epidural.

The next one or two hours passed by in a daze, since it was as if I was undergoing labour without the epidural. They gave me gas, but that didn't seem to help, and only made me feel dizzy. The hubby held my hand the entire time, and I think I nearly wretched off his fingers during the contractions. And all this time, I wasn't fully dilated, so I wasn't ready to push the baby out yet.

I was resistant to getting another epidural, since I was under the impression that I would increase my likelihood of getting a Caesarean if I did. I really hoped to have a normal delivery if possible. But after those few hours of mind-numbing contractions, I was so exhausted and tired, that I finally caved in and asked for the epidural. Please, just let me get that baby out soon!

So they gave me the second epidural. And all that pain went away. The relief was so great, and I was so exhausted, that I think I fell asleep for awhile. But I was woken up to be told that it was time to push. It was strange pushing, when I couldn't feel anything from my waist down and could barely hold my legs up... but push I did. And after a few pushes, he was out!

The first thing I did was ask the hubby if he had any hair on his head. And he did, a beautiful, full head of hair. He did look a little like an alien, since his head was a little cone-shaped after being stuck during labour, but when he started crying we saw a deep dimple. Oh, baby! You are finally here.


This baby is going to be seven years old come January next year, and is now a big brother to two little brothers. Looking back at how this boy came into our lives really brought back memories, and these past few years really have been a testament of God's grace in our lives. Even while his birth was such a painful one (and I must admit, recovery post-birth was slow and painful too, and extremely tiring from all the guests visiting for CNY), I am so glad we went on to have more kids. I admit I did tell the hubby we had to stop at one after giving birth to Junior J... but I guess mummy amnesia does help! 

Thankfully, Lil J and Baby J's birth stories were alot less eventful and painful, and Lil J birth (which I blogged about here) was actually the fastest (we are not surprised, since this boy is always so impatient for things to get done!). 

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  1. Wow, breakthrough pain after an epidural - yikes! I don't think many women are aware that epidurals cannot always take away every single bit of pain so thank you for sharing your experience!



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