Monday, June 6, 2016

Learn: Explorer Junior Innovators Camp

Junior J recently had a chance to attend an Innovators camp run by Explorer Junior. He had such a great time, I thought I'd pop by just to share a little about it!

The camp was run across three days. Junior J was really keen when I sounded him out about it, so we signed up. And according to him, he really enjoyed himself! They learnt how to programme a mouse to run a maze to get to the cheese, and had a chance to design, make and test their own prototype for cargo transport. 

They got to test drive robots. 

They even learnt how to use a programme to make their own 3D printout...

... which going by the photos, got the kids very excited.

This was what he designed, and he said it was a flower that he made just for me. :)

The kids were also taught the basic concepts of electricity using snap circuits, and designed their own collaborative city of the future.

One highlight for the kids was taking turns to fly a drone over their city!

They were also taught how to do up a simple webpage (Junior J loves Octonauts, so he filled his webpage with photos featuring the Octonauts).

I think the folks at Explorer Junior did a pretty good job planning the camp, and the kids got to dabble with various innovations, while learning how to build their own prototypes. Care was taken to simplify things for the kids, such as getting the kids to think through the commands for the mouse to run the maze, then pasting them in the correct order before they proceeded to programme the mouse. 

I loved how time was given to the kids to work on their own projects, as well as collaborate on a larger projects, and the instructors were great at engaging the kids. The only challenge I think was that the kids probably needed a good tea break in between, since everyone was talking about being hungry nearing the end of the session. But I guess they were also too busy having fun to really eat!

All in all, it was quite an eye-opener, and I think it was a great springboard for Junior J to learn more about these topics. The upcoming Environment and Architecture camps look equally interesting (I wish we could have attended those too!), and you can find more information here (as well as sign up for their programmes). If you are keen, do key in the coupon code "MAKINGMUM10" in the comments box when registering, to get 10% off all camp fees! 

Thank you Explorer Junior, for having us!

Disclaimer: Junior J was invited to join in the Innovators Camp, but this review was non-obligatory. However, I thought the camp was good enough to warrant a blog post! No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my (and Junior J's) own. Some photographs in this post were taken by the folks at Explorer Junior (I loved how they compiled all the photos and sent them to all parents whose kids participated in the camp!). 

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