Friday, August 12, 2016

J4 turns 6 months: Dearest Baby J...

Has it been six months already? It seemed like it was just last week that I first held you in my arms, and now you are already half way to your first birthday. Time slips by so fast these days with the four of you, and I savour those quiet moments when I get to nurse you before bed. I cradle you, little you with your messy crazy hair that I cannot bear to cut, and I breathe in that baby smell and try to lock it in the recesses of my memory. I will miss this baby stage, of flailing limbs to show your excitement, and all the squirming and cooing, and the intent look as you keep doing your baby pushups.

We thought you had a milder temperament, but these days it seems like your sleep has regressed. You've been waking up at crazy hours every night to play, and your naps haven't been great, so you do have cranky times. Sleep woes aside, I am thankful that you're usually content to be on the floor exploring when you are awake.

You've started on solids, and you've been enjoying it, along with trying to chew your bib to pieces. You are the noisiest during meal times, cooing and gurgling as you try to swallow your food (have I ever told you to never talk with your mouth full?). Your first two little teeth have erupted (which might explain your cranky nights), much to the delight of your oldest brother, who is now growing his adult front teeth. 

Seeing the four of you growing up together is just amazing. Each of you is so different in terms of personality, and yet all three of your brothers dote so much on you. Small J is always coming over to squeeze your cheeks and coo at you, and he sets aside all things pink and say they are for you. Lil J, who is usually not demonstrative by nature, is always getting toys for you and talking to you. He does the silliest things, like pretending to trip and fall, in an attempt to make you laugh. 

And your biggest koko? He loves you to bits. He's usually the one tasked to take care of you when we are busy (he does groan a little), and he loves making you laugh. He's the one who sits by your cot, reading, while you play. He does push-ups next to you when you are doing your baby push-ups. 

It is always so heart-warming (and also rather amusing) seeing how your brothers all naturally start talking to you in a high-pitched voice when they play with you. Seeing how they dote on you makes me think that your future boyfriend is going to be really intimidated, since you have four male protectors in the family! 

Happy half year, my dearest little girl, and we love you so very much!

Your Mama and Papa.


  1. So heartwarming!!!!
    Jia you'
    It's all worth it :)

  2. Sooo oooo sweetest hor!!! I feel you! Especially since you have 3 boys!!! I am enjoying my girl's precious presence amidst the masculinity in the home! Enjoy Jus!

  3. She's adorable, Jus! I think the last time I read about J4 was when she was just a month old? Can't believe J4 is already 6 months! Gosh, how time flies. Looking forward to seeing more of J4 on your blog. :)



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