Thursday, September 1, 2016

Everything's coming up roses: JM Floral Creation subscription service

When I was young, I wished that I could be admitted to hospital one day, so that people would buy flowers, chocolates and cake for me. But of course, I hoped that whatever I was warded for wasn't something serious! I guess it came from reading all the books that showed these little girls getting loads of presents when they had to go to the hospital (It brings to mind the book Madeline!). Crazy, I know. 

Since then, I've definitely outgrown that irrational hope. After all, there are far nicer circumstances to receive flowers, chocolates and cake! However, I've been warded a couple of times, such as after the delivery of all four kids. And yes, there were flowers (but usually no chocolate or cake) each time. I guess people buy flowers for those resting in hospital, because they are able to bring such cheer and loveliness into any room!

I was contacted by Joyce from Ji Mei Flower to see if I was keen to review their flower subscription service. JM Floral Creation is a subsidiary of Ji Mei Flower, that handles events such as weddings. They recently launched this service, where you can get a bouquet of fresh flowers sent to you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Fresh blooms every week? Without having to stay in hospital? Of course I said yes!

To keep the service affordable, subscribers are not allowed to choose the type of flowers they want. However, this means you get a pleasant surprise each time the Ji Mei delivery truck comes by! For the first delivery, a complimentary jar is provided for your flowers, along with a packet of flower "food" which helps to preserve the freshness of the blooms for a longer period of time. A sheet with helpful tips on how to care for your flowers is also provided. Subsequent bouquets are cut to fit the jar, but all bouquets are wrapped, which means you can also choose to use the bouquet as a gift.

It was a really convenient way of bringing some beauty into the home: all you have to do is to remove the wet cotton wool, wrapping and tape, and put the blooms in the jar! There is no having to struggle with cutting stems, while getting pricked by thorns in the process (which is what used to happen to me). 

Having the folk at Ji Mei do the flower selection also means that you get unique bouquets each time. While they incorporated classic favourites, such as roses, in their arrangements...

... each bouquet usually had something unconventional and special too, such as a lush protea,  or even delicate Phalaenopsis orchids paired with pink hydrangea. I have always pictured these so called moth orchids as tabletop decor, and never would have thought of including them in a bouquet!

Joyce shared that their team tries to innovate when it comes to these floral arrangements, which result in such unique combinations. That aside, I loved how they incorporated some foliage as well, some of which I could dry and use in the future when making wreaths (such as these eucalyptus leaves). Flower arrangement is both an art and a science, and it was interesting to see how some of the bouquets were planned to "grow" and bloom across the week, such as the lilies, which filled our bedroom with such a lovely scent!

I had a quick chat with Joyce, who is an events consultant with JM Floral Creation, to find out more about the team behind these gorgeous bouquets. She usually suggests the preferred combination of flowers, and the team of flower arrangers would then get down to work, each adopting their own style to prepare the bouquets. She shares that she loves flowers and plants, so her job fits her to a T, allowing her to be hands-on about something that she has a passion for. The team get a fair bit of their inspiration online, and rely on their customers' trust to be able to try new arrangements or combinations.

And speaking of passion, these weekly floral surprises have been most welcomed by Lil J, who simply loves flowers. He would rush to the door to take the flowers from my hands, and would spend the next few minutes inspecting the blooms. We caught him even trying to put pollen up his nose! Small J, though a little less enthusiastic, always tells me "you have new flowers Mama, they are boo-tiful!". 

Having fresh blooms in the house adds colour and cheer, and the subscription service takes all the work out of your hands. All you have to do is change the water in the vase every other day. Thank you, JM Floral Creation, for helping to brighten up our home the past month!

For those who are interested, the subscription service is priced at $50 and $65 per bouquet for the standard and premium range of flowers respectively, and this includes delivery charges. The minimum subscription period is for four bouquets, and depends on whether you opt for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription. For more details, or to start a subscription, please contact JM Floral Creation at 69225919 or  email them at Alternatively, visit this page, and you can hop over to "The J Babies" to read their review and admire the beautiful blooms they received!


The lovely folks over at JM Floral Creation are kindly giving away floral subscriptions (of two weeks) worth $100 each, to two readers of this blog! To enter, please scroll down and follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Do note that you need to like and comment on the FB post as part of the entry requirements, and that both bouquets in the subscription must be sent to the same address.

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored a flower subscription for purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.


  1. I went to this flower shop and looked through the glasses - the flowers look so fresh, various kinds and various vivid colors. So pretty that I fell in love with them right away. After another minute watching them organizing a fresh new bouquet for a customer, I also ordered Same Day Delivery Flowers with them.

  2. The flowers are so pretty & it's so thoughtful for them to provide complimentary flower jar & flower 'food' during their first delivery. Such a sweet gesture so we can enjoy the beauty of these lovely flower for a longer time❤️ Thanks for sharing such a nice florist



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