Friday, October 28, 2016

J2 turns 5

Dearest Lil J,
You turned five last week. Five! You've been talking about this day for the longest of time. We decided that we'll do away with birthday parties for now, since planning for four parties in a year can be quite a stretch, and we also felt that we didn't really enjoy parties that much. Instead, you got to choose where you wanted to go, and you asked to visit the Night Safari. Which we did, on the eve of your birthday. That visit was quite a stretch, since it meant everyone was out beyond their bedtime, but we made it! We had an early dinner before that, and all of you got to go to Biscuit King to pick out a snack. We got to sit the tram, and we got to see the tiger really up close. You really enjoyed yourself!

You requested for pancakes on your birthday, so you got them. You were delighted that I added berries on the side. 

You were hoping to go out and play with your good friend, so we spent a lovely (but rather hot) morning at Marine Cove. You all loved playing in Macdonald's after that! Everyone received Transformer masks in your Happy Meals. 

We ended off your big day with a dinner at home with all four grandparents. You had asked for sushi  and satay. 

You also requested for chocolate cake. So we made you a chocolate cheesecake (and you and your big brother insisted on helping), and decorated it with lots of berries (which you gave the thumbs up). It was hard preventing you from testing the cake and ruining it!

You received various presents from us and the gramps: a vehicle playmat, a dump truck, and this vintage toy telephone. You really loved the phone, and spent the next day just making calls to everyone! Your friend also gave you a Smiggle pencil box which allowed you to make short recordings. You've been driving us crazy recording the weirdest things and playing them back repeatedly. 

As we celebrated your birthday across those two days, I couldn't help reflecting on how much you've grown. You're still our strong-willed child, the one who never gives in, but this year has seen you making progress about controlling that temper. You're still the active one, who's always climbing high and swinging low. You are our durian, tough and spiky outside, yet we know how soft you really are inside, because we see how gentle and loving you are to your little sister. You've recently learnt how to read, and you are good with numbers. You are fearless, waving at the dinosaurs at the Jurassic World exhibit while your brothers were hiding! I've learnt so much through parenting you, and I pray that God will continue to mold and prune you. 

Happy fifth birthday, my boy. We love you so so much!

Your Mama and Papa. 

PS: Life has been so full these days that blogging has had to take a backseat. However, I hope to get back to writing regularly soon. Meanwhile, thank you for always dropping by!

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