Monday, November 28, 2016

And so, 9 months

Dearest Baby J,
Two weeks ago, while everyone was in an uproar about the US elections, you quietly turned 9 months. I keep saying this, but I'll say it again, I cannot believe how fast time has flown, and that you will no longer be a baby in 3 months time. How quickly you've grown, while we've been busy trying to take care of all of you. How beautifully you've grown, into a smiley little ray of sunshine in our home.

The past month has seen you becoming a whole lot more clingy. You only want Mama at certain times of the day, and you will scream and wail if anyone else carries you. You are also very attached to Papa and your brothers, and you enjoy just crawling around while your brothers play near you. Nothing makes you happier than to be on the floor, meddling with your brothers' trucks, and trying to press the pedals on the piano. You love sitting in when your brother practices his cello, and he likes playing "Twinkle Twinkle" for you to hear.

You've started babbling a whole lot more, and will demand for "mum mum" when you are hungry. And boy do you love your food! You enjoy your porridge, and you love tofu and pumpkin and baby biscuits (which your brothers are always trying to steal from you). You let out an occasional "Papa" (much to Papa's delight), but you certainly know your way to Mama's heart, because you are the first kid in the family to call "Mama" before "Papa". All your brothers did the "Papapapa" thing first, but you, it's always Mama.

You've been pulling up to stand, and are starting to cruise a little. You are one really wriggly worm, and diaper changes are a huge challenge because you are the fastest escapee of the family! You'd think we'd be so accustomed to these milestones since you are the fourth kid, but I think I'll never tire of seeing all of you grow and hit your milestones.

Speaking of milestones, your teeth were pretty slow in coming, and about one month ago you still only had four little teeth. Then all of a sudden, you started sprouting 5 teeth at one shot! You've been biting everyone, and chewing everything, and you're also at the clawing stage, so my arms bear the brunt of your little nails and teeth.

It's been  fun dressing you up in all those little dresses, and you've been blessed with so many pretty hand-me-downs that we've hardly had to buy any clothes for you. You are a bead addict, and love chewing on silicone bead necklaces. I've given up trying to put hairbands on you, since I've never figured out how to wear them properly so that you don't look like a lion, and you're always trying to pull them off.

Seeing you grow each day has been such a blessing. Please slow down, little girl, and we love you so!

Your Mama and Papa.

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  1. I admit, time flew away with kids and Baby J is so cute.



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