Monday, January 11, 2010

Taiwan Translated: Tired but happy

Ahh, a long time since I've posted...  It's been difficult to blog since we're always so tired by the end of each day... plus its been quite a challenge to find time as we've been hotel-hopping everyday.  Having to unpack and pack for all three of us, plus having to cook baby J's meals and wash his bibs and stuff usually leaves me with no time for anything aside for sleep when we are back in the hotel!

Taiwan has really been somewhat an adventure for us.  The country is gorgeous, from the sheer wildness of Taroko Gorge, to the glorious sunrises at Alishan (which is also cold cold cold!), to the quirkiness of various artisan places like the Snake Kiln at Shuili... We've eaten til we're fit to burst at the various night markets, have driven through snow, and experienced minor earthquake tremors. We've stayed at a farm at the top of a mountain, have taken the boat across Sun Moon Lake, and have stopped for grapes freshly plucked from the vineyards.  There's so much to write about... but! I will stop here, because as usual, there is packing to do, and all my photos are stuck in the camera since we left the USB cable in the car... Ah well!

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  1. Welcome back! That sounds like quite a trip! (earthquakes...yikes!) Can't wait to see the pics and hear more!



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