Small Spaces

How our boys' room looks like, currently. More details here

Our home has changed remarkably since the arrival of our children (think lots more storage, toys here and there, and a whole load more bookcases for all that kid lit). I thought it would be interesting to take a peek into the homes of others, and see how they've tailored their living spaces to accommodate their kids.

Do browse the links below to get some inspiration for your child's spaces! (These will be updated as the posts go live.)

2nd June, Tue: 

3rd June, Wed: 

 4th June, Thu: 

 5th June, Fri:


8th June, Mon: 

 9th June, Tue: 

10th June, Wed:

11th June, Thu: 

 12th June, Fri: 


15 June, Mon

June 16, Tue: 

 June 17, Wed: 

 June 18, Thu: 

 June 19, Fri: 


 June 22, Mon: 

 June 23, Tue: 

 June 24, Wed: 

 June 25, Thu: 

 June 26, Fri: 

We previously ran this Small Spaces series back in 2012, and here are the posts if you'd like more interior inspiration: 

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