Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{Small Spaces} Ayra's new playroom

Hello! Today we get to take a peek into a new playroom. Claudia recently moved, and is currently settling her family into a new home. I'm glad she managed to take some time off packing to share with us some pictures of her daughter's play space.

Claudia is a work from home mum who combines her passion in digital marketing, community engagement, craft and scrapbooking in her profession. She is an independent creator at ORternatives. She blogs at "The Loving Mum", a personal blog documenting the learning and growth journey of a first time mum. She is blessed with a beautiful daughter who is growing to become very much like her mum.


We've just moved into our own home and Ayra now has her own playroom. At 14 months, she still doesn't have that many toys. Most of which are small toys and dolls. When putting together her room, I intended for it to grow up together with her. IKEA has always been my favorite furniture and organisation store, and her room is filled with pieces from IKEA. The main storage for her stuff is a bookshelf with storage boxes. She is now able to reach up to the third shelve row and the top two tiers are used to store stuff such as shower basket, diapers and more.

Ayra's wonder boxes, where most of her toys, books and bears are kept.

She likes to peep into boxes and dig out things from within. I used these storage boxes with soft handles for her to pull out and explore things inside.

These boxes are great in keeping the bits and pieces out of sight, but accessible for play. There are still much to be done in her room and when the room is fully furnished, I will share more on our blog.

Hope to see you again at our blog!


It certainly looks like Claudia has gotten off to a good start designing Ayra's room! Do you have a small space to share too? Drop us an email, and drop by tomorrow for a peek into another child's space!

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