Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The year of the tiger approaches...

Ahhh... we've just been so busy the past week.  My lectures and field research have started again, so its back to beating my head against all those books (and this last module seems to be the hardest of all!), as well as roasting myself in the mangroves...

Study site: Lots of sun, little cover... (Taken with the handy iPhone...)

Reminds you of the desert, does it not?

On top of that, Chinese New Year is approaching, and along with it comes the craziness of preparations.  There's the spring cleaning to be done, new clothes to be bought, and goodies to be made/purchased.  So far, I'm lagging far behind in terms of everything... After all, I already have my hands full just taking care of Junior J, trying to keep the house reasonably clean and trying to catch my crabs! Also, we'll be going back to Penang to visit hubby's relatives, so I'm not really expecting guests during that period.  However, my mum (who's cleaned her entire house and is fretting about weird stuff like packing her storeroom, as if her guests would ask to examine her storeroom contents!) has been constantly nagging at me to spring-clean, and is horrified at the state of my windows.  I did manage to do some general cleaning though, and we got two new bookshelves, plus did up a wall mural with the aid of stickers:

Ah, and about the new clothes: Junior J has a Chinese suit and a superman suit all ready for CNY.  The boy even got his first haircut by a proper hairdresser a few weeks back...

This was taken with our iPhone (we didn't want to freak the hairdresser out by lugging our dSLR, first official haircut or not!)

Hubby has his new shirts... And me?  Well, let's just say its near impossible to fit both pram & myself into a standard size changing room, so how am I going to buy clothes if I can't try them on?  

The past week has also been one of accidents: Apart from managing to drop our wide-angled lens, I also managed to knock over our Samtid lamp from Ikea while changing the sofa covers.  If you've ever read the product description for the lamp, it says that the lampshade is made of unbreakable plastic, which didn't seem to be the case for ours since it broke!  

On a lighter note, Junior J seems to be learning new things everyday... He now pushes his Thomas the train and goes "Choochoo" while doing it, and can say "Xiexie" (Thank you, in Chinese) when prompted (You'll have to repeat it many times though!).  The fellow also plays with his toy telephone and tries to put it to his ear and says "ello?", but usually his aiming is off and he ends up putting the receiver behind his head instead!  He still refuses to try to walk, but engages in all kinds of other acrobatics: Standing with his head upside down on the bed and laughing like crazy as he peeks at you through his legs, climbing up and down the sofa, and sitting down suddenly with a thump from a standing position, while exclaiming "DUNG!".  He's turning into one little monkey, and a noisy one at that!

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