Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still counting... 14 months!

Dearest little one,

You turn 14 today!  We've seen a huge leap of learning this month.  All of a sudden, it seems like you have new synapses forming by the minute!

Firstly, you've started babbling alot more.  You talk almost all the time, and have started imitating many sounds like the vacuum cleaner (nmmmmmm) and grandfather clock (ti-tok, ti-tok, or "dong!" when it chimes).  You love pretend sneezes and do it with great gusto ("tchooo!" with a great flip of the head), and laugh along with us after that.  You now have added a few more words to your vocab: "Duk" (Dog), "Sssh" (Shoes, but that may be a fluke), "Diken" (Chicken) and "Nana" (Banana), on top of those you already know, like "Papa", "Mama", "Mum-mum" (Eat) and "Nen-nen" (Milk).

You also recognize alot of words, though you can't say them, like "Er-duo" (you tug at your ear), "belly button" (you try to lift your t-shirt to point to it, but sometimes you get confused and point to your chest!), and "head" (you pat yourself energetically on the head with both hands).  You also point to the fish, the teddy bear, the ball, birds, clouds and balloons when we ask you to...

You've finally shown willingness to walk, and love to toddle around the house at top speed, being supported either by us or your toddle truck.  You also lunge around in the children's pool and try to make friends with any kids playing there.  You love to be seated on a small stool in the kitchen and can sit there, bouncing up and down for a full 15 minutes, trying to look grown-up and important (but failing to since you'll be busy patting the side of the stool at the same time!).

On top of your usual acrobatics, you're turning into quite a little clown.  You love to make people laugh by playing peekaboo, and love to put your head on the bed and peek at me through your legs, laughing all the time.  You love to clap along with music (even Holst's Jupiter from the Planets!) and sometimes wave your hands about for catchier tunes, as if you were pretending to conduct an orchestra.

You've also turned into Mama's little helper too: You pick up little balls of fur left by Nicky and pass them to me, and help to "make" my morning cuppa.  And you're learning how to water the plants too...

You really bring us so much joy.  I know we say this to you many times everyday, but I must say it again: We love you so much!

Your Mama

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