Friday, April 9, 2010

Thinking Thursdays: Choosing crayons

Ever since Junior J first tried using colour pencils at Marche, I've been on the hunt for suitable crayons for the little boy to use.  SouleMama recently posted her recommendations on crayons, however they were all based mainly in the US and would cost a bomb after shipping... and my search online for crayons using soy/beeswax came up with these:

Both provided international shipping, however, it didn't seem to make sense to pay a lot of money for something that the boy would use up quickly or break.  So I ended up getting Crayola crayons, since they were available locally, are non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D4236 (the American standards for art material).  These are sold in quite a few places, including Toys R Us, however, I found a local Crayola reseller on eBay that sold the crayons at a waaaaaay cheaper price (Crayons are like 50% cheaper than what you find in shops, however the range is limited)!  And best thing was, she provides free postage if you spend more than $10, so I promptly ordered 2 packs of washable crayons (24 colours), as well as a pack of large Triangular crayons (which are supposed to encourage the child to develop the proper tripod grip).  

The boy hasn't really started scribbling much, and only draws a little before crawling off to play... but I guess the drawing would come in later, and probably I'll be having to clean it off the walls then (so thankfully the crayons are washable)!

Sites relating to drawing and crayons you might want to check out:
:: Handwriting Without Tears: They have designed curriculums for teaching handwriting, and various products and resources.
:: The Official Crayola Site: There are loads of downloadable colouring sheets here!
::  The Monk's Wife has a guide to recycling all the crayon bits in a muffin tray.  Cool!  

Happy drawing!

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