Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Crappy? Not so.

The weekend didn't go too well this time round.  Here's why:

1. The hubby was on call on Saturday.  I hate it when he's on call on Saturdays, since it means that he's at work all 7 days of the week, and he's exhausted almost everyday.  We only get to spend time with him up to 11 plus on Saturday morning, after which he disappears to work until Sunday morning, where he either ends up asleep in church (and subsequently stays in a comatose state for the rest of the afternoon), or sometimes, he's so tired we don't even make it for service, like yesterday (that was also due to Junior J, see points 2-3).  :(  Whoever says that marrying a doctor is marrying into a good life probably married a plastic surgeon based in Hollywood.  Over here, the good man seems to be at the mercy of surgeons who over-list cases and sometimes gets home after 8 on weekedays.

2. Junior J is currently on a food strike, and absolutely REFUSES to swallow any food for all meals.  Each meal consists of an eager boy who stuffs his mouth full of food (especially when we try to give him new dishes), followed by the spitting of all that food after 5 minutes of storage inside his mouth.  The only one happy with this arrangement is the dog, who lurks under the boy's chair during mealtimes, and is quick to lick up all that mess.  My only consolation is that he's still breastfeeding a few times a day.

3. Junior J was also on a nap strike.  What used to be a 45-60 minute nap in the morning turned into a 15 minute nap yesterday.  Then I was hoping that would mean he would be tired and would fall asleep quickly for his second nap, but I was WRONG.  5 minutes into his afternoon nap, one of the karang guni (rag and bone men, who buys/picks up old newspapers, clothes etc) decides to ply his trade and make it known to the entire neighbourhood by using those ultra-loud horns they use.  He was obviously not very successful in collecting anything, going by the sheer frequency he was tooting his horn (If there tooting, the man is definitely not occupied in stacking/tying up newspapers!).  Junior J woke up of course, and took another 25 minutes to settle down, during which I was resisting the urge to walk to the diaper bin and hurl a diaper at the horn-tooter.

Ok... so that was some whining from a tired mama.  My apologies for starting the week with all that!  However, there were some redeeming points for the weekend:

1. The hubby woke up earlier on Saturday, and cooked up a sumptuous breakfast for both of us.  I really love cooked breakfasts, but most days I usually only have time to prepare toast or I just end up eating cereal.  So eating all that bacon and sausages was super scrumptious!

2. I met up with Junior J's godma, and we went down to support my school band (I used to be in charge of the band when I was teaching) at the SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) marching assessment.  This is where various marching bands play music and put up displays and are judged, and I brought Junior J along to watch.  The boy managed to sit through 6 band perfomances (4 smaller assessment bands, followed by 2 display bands, which are larger) which lasted 1.5 hours, and I think he enjoyed the whole thing.  He did have a good time with his godma, who took care of him during the entire performance, and also gave us a lift there and back...  It was the first time my school band was participating, and they got a Distinction for their efforts, which was fantastic!  (Previously, the boys couldn't even march in a straight line when they did drills!)  The photos turned out pretty crappy though, since I brought the wrong lens along (the 85 mm, which was not wide enough to take the entire band/stadium, and I couldn't zoom in to take good portraits).

3. We were invited for dinner by one of the hubby's ex-colleagues, along with another family.  It was nice eating yummy food while having some adult conversation (which kept getting interrupted by one hungry 2 year old who kept asking for grapes), and I think the kids (6 in all, with ages ranging from Junior J's 14 months to 8 years old) had fun playing together.  I forgot to bring the SLR though, and missed taking all the funny photos of all the kids sitting in a row eating ice-cream, but we had a good time. :)

Since its 3 for 3, I guess it all evens out!

PS: The exams are next Tuesday, and we have a full-day wedding photo shoot on Saturday, so posts this week would be intermittent, if any... Have a great week ahead!


  1. we missed the J family at lunch on sun :)

  2. After reading this post, I think it would be great to have a dog around here, because our siamese cat doesn´t lick the floor when our little baby girl throughs her food.
    I like the reality of your posts and I will visit you again. Thank you for visiting one of my blogs! Kisses from Buenos Aires!

  3. Amelia: We missed you guys too... see ya soon on Sunday!

    Kira: Thanks for popping by! :) Heee... a dog is great, better than a vacuum cleaner! However, I'm not too sure if your cat will take to the new furry friend though!



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