Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Just hanging out together

We spent our weekend very simply.  The hubby was post-call on Saturday and spent part of the morning and afternoon sleeping... and I came down with gastroenteritis on Sunday, probably thanks to me catching the bug my mum had.  It also rained quite a bit on both days, so we didn't get to go to the park, and the GE bug kept me from attending the Easter musical.  However, life with my favorite 3 boys (the big one, small one, and furry one!) is always interesting, and across the 2 days we managed to:

:: Eat lots of homecooked meals... (every meal actually, save for Sunday's dinner, where I was too queasy to cook!)

Tuna pasta with cherry tomatoes

Homemade oat bread, in a double burger dish, by the hubby, who is our Ramly burger specialist!

Pork rib soup with lotus root, for my upset tummy...

:: Make a trip to the playground.  The slide was wet with rain, but it got examined with great interest...

... and the 2 boys got a ride on the rocking horse there...

:: Spot an ambulance, lots of policemen, and a few police cars near our place during our walk...

:: Chop up 1 kg worth of carrots to make soup...

... while accompanied by our very own maestro on the kitchen percussion (who later attempted to pretend-feed the dog a drink.  The dog was not amused at having a plastic cup shoved at his nose and ran away.  The boy then left the cup in the dog's water dish, and then proceeded to load his utensils into the food dish!)

:: Read a whole bunch of books...

:: Refuse to eat during every meal and insist on feeding oneself purple sweet potato, and promptly spitting it out later, thus making the bib an original work of art.  (Inspiration must have come from the Gaudi book we were reading in the photo above!)

:: Get disciplined for throwing the bowl down and spitting food, even after repeated warnings... which led to a temper tantrum, a crying toddler, and eventually, a crying mama who was so very frustrated.

:: Pay a visit to the market to buy veggies, and learn about different produce (while spotting Mr Chiam See Tong making his rounds with his team!).

With those 3 boys, life can never be boring!

PS: The exams are really near, so I'll be taking an enforced break from crafting until my exams are done, so there'll be no Monday Made posts for the next few weeks!


  1. Aw, your son is so cute! That's too bad that he isn't eating. :(

  2. Hi Lindsay! Yup, hopefully he'll grow out of this phase soon, and be a regular hungry little boy! Hope Colin's still enjoying his soyghurt?



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