Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Thoughts on tiredness

Pretend feeding himself on a better day, in Klang

I've been feeling rather tired these days.  Junior J has suddenly started sprouting canines and molars all at once, and has been waking me up quite a few times each night, wanting to drink milk.  He's also started eating less, and the spitting has started again (this was after a week of having a pretty good appetite, which led us to being hopeful he'll reach 9 kg soon, BUT!).  I've tried all sorts of ways to ensure he eats, and some days, I just feel like I'm a failure at  this motherhood thing.  And to top it off, I'm currently finding it a huge struggle to write that crabby dissertation of mine.  I read all those journals and think and stare at my laptop screen, and the correct words never seem to come to mind. :(

All this has been making me feel quite down, but each time I see a sunset, I'm reminded about God's love and care for his creation, and how constant and enduring is His love for us.  And that comforts me and helps me to keep going. 

I'm also thankful for the rain we've been getting, that helps to ease the really hot weather.  (Except for yesterday's downpour, which was way too much.  There were flash floods everywhere!)  The rain plus hot weather has caused some of our plants to burst into bloom:

And these pretty flowers cheer me up somewhat. :)  Oh, and my MIL is here this week... She's been cooking and taking care of Junior J so that I can work on my dissertation, and I've been so grateful for her help! 

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Sunsets and flowers, two of my favourite things to paint.
    Lara used to sleep 10 hours without waking up, but two weeks ago something changed, she wakes up at three, four or five AM every single night and shouts till I go to her room and lay down next to her.
    Now I read your post and I think that maybe some new teeth are growin in her little mouth.

  2. Hang in there Mama J...things will get better once u finish that thesis of yours! Let's meet up once you're done with that..and scrap together. WHOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a rough day! Babes are always changing the rules, so hang in there! You're not a failure, you're just on a learning curve. Hugs!

  4. Yes, hang in there. You are not alone. I've been there too :) Trully tiring making sure they eat well and enough. And how sweet of your MIL to help out. Cheers!

  5. Ooo.. lucky you on the MIL issue. My week's been crappy thanks to my MIL. I'm your A-typical MIL hates DIL produce. Counting my blessings always helps, and this week I'm thankful I've met lovely new friends (including you!), that God has made my fulltime job tonnes more exciting, and knowing that I can always find peace in His presence.

    Hang in there, I'm sure inspiration will hit you at the right moment!

  6. Do not despair. We might get into a phase when we blame ourselves for not being good mothers when things don't seem to get on well and when we feel over stretched. Have faith and you will get over the "down" period. Take care, friend.

    Talking about the bad flood, I was lucky not to have driven to work yesterday or I would have been stranded in the terrible flood in Orchard Road.

  7. Hi,
    thanks for stopping by to leave me a kind comment. you are so kind!

    beautiful blog... i'm definitely following back!!

  8. Hey there!Yeah, I have to get the code attatched. You just have to highlight and save and then attatch the button and then add the link like you would to a word. You have wonderful things that you are thankful for. I love the rain. Yes, the little ones can poop us out, especially when their teeth are bothering them! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  9. You are so precious. Hang in there. Our work is not in vain. And yes, those beautiful sunsets always remind of God's goodness.

    May the Lord richly bless you and cause your little one to eat well.

    My warmest regards

  10. If all you did at the end of the day is love God and love others you will have done enough.

    I'm not sure what your sons eating issue is, but I have a neighbor and a cousin whose kids do not eat. My neighbor's child will chew a piece of food for over an hour and never swallow it. She deals with constant frustration.

    Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hpe in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

  11. I just had one of the worse nights ever, Kyle woke up like more like 7 times, screaming for me, complaining of night terrors. I guess no one ever said that parenthood will be easy, and there be surely some days that we just feel like failures. The more we need to depend on the Lord on these days, in fact daily, to give us the grace the strength to do the best in our role as moms.

  12. Life is sometimes like talking a roller coaster ride, we just have to pray hard, treasure and enjoy it as much as we could! All the best to you MamaJ!

    p/s: Wishing Junior J feels better in no time!

  13. Kira: Oh dear... yes perhaps the little one is teething. I hope it passes so you'll be able to get more sleep!

    Beingzaraandzidan: Thanks...

    Jo: Hey thanks girl. That sounds fantastic, but I have a feeling you'll spend most of the time teaching blur me how to scrap properly!

    Planet Pink: Thanks... It sure is a steep learning curve!

    Eileen: Thanks... aren't you glad the boys are bigger and have no teething troubles? (Except for the tooth in the roof of the mouth!)

  14. Ann: Oh dear, I hope things get better yeah? And thanks... I'm so glad you have that list of things to be thankful about! (And it's so nice to meet a fellow "design-bloggy" person!)

    Denesa: I must listen to the expert then! ;) Phew, your car would have been washed up if you had driven!

    Ruth: Thanks for dropping by!

    Mama Hen: Ok, will try to figure it out!

    Jasmine: Thanks... :)

    Bigfatmama: Thanks for sharing the verse... :) And for the reminder to love God and others!

    Katherine: Thanks for visiting!

    Rachel: Oh dear... that's really tough! Hang in there too...

    Alice: I agree with you, its a roller coaster ride! Thanks for all the encouragement...

  15. Hang in there Mommy... I'm sure his appetite will be back soon once all his teeth are out.

    Just wondering do you have your meal together with him or he eats alone? I realised all my kids tend to eat better when everyone has their meal together. :)

  16. LZmommy: Thanks for the encouragement! We have our meals with him, but usually I feed him first while the hubby eats, then hubby takes over. That's for dinner, for lunch I usually eat with him, otherwise I don't have time to eat! Thanks for the tips though! :)



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