Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Living and learning

Hello... its time for us to give thanks again. :) Here's my list for this week!

1. That God loves us so much, even though we don't deserve it.  That thought always makes my heart smile. :)

2. Ferns.  They aren't gorgeously coloured like flowers, but they are pretty in their own quiet way.

3.  A cheerful shopping companion, that is interested in everything in your cart.  And loves to squash your bread into pancakes!

4.  Nice kids in the neighbourhood: My mum came back from a walk one day with the boy and told me someone had abandoned a dog near the lift lobby of our flat.  I brought the boy down again with the intent of calling the SPCA (It was a terrier with a huge wound on its side, and was so sick and terrified I had no heart to snap a picture of it), only to be told by two students who were hanging around that they had made the call and were waiting for the SPCA pound people to arrive.  I thought it was really nice of them to bother! 

5.  Simple learning activities: I've been getting Junior J to sort buttons by their colour (we're using his Playskool barrels for this), and he's been having fun identifying his toy animals as I call out their names.  Its really nice to hang out with the little fellow!

6. My dissertation is showing some progress, since my working "skeleton" has been approved (after numerous drafts!), and I've worked out some parts.

7.  Oh, and last but not least... Reading this made me happy! :)

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I always enjoy reading your thank you list.
    I can´t play with buttons with Lara, she puts everything in her mouth.
    Mhhh I´m thankful for being able to be around my daughter everyday and see her beautiful changes.
    Oh, and Congratulations!!! I read the post and as I wrote there: You deserve it!

  2. Does your son look like your husband than you?

  3. I'm thankful that my kids are healthy.

    I'm thankful for the good people in my life.

    I'm thankful for being blessed with a good family who is my support pillar whenever I need them.

    *I'm your newest follower*

  4. Kira: Oh yes, I know what you mean. J used to mouth everything too! Even now I always keep a close watch while he sorts those buttons... And its so great to see how they develop right? :) And thanks!!!

    Sunflower: Hmmm, actually I'm not sure. Alot of people feel he looks like the hubby. But the hubby feels he looks like me. So I guess its a good mix!

    RoseBelle: That's a nice list! :) And thanks for following the blog!

  5. Jus, Congrats for being the winner of the scrapbook layout! Bravo!

  6. Enjoyed reading your thanksgiving list. It's good to be thankful for the things / people in our lives, whether big or little.

    Congratulations for emerging the winner! It's beautiful. You're really talented.

  7. Denesa: Thanks! :)

    Ing: Yup, I think listing them out makes me less whiny. :p And thank you!



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