Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: The glass is half-full

Hello! Its Saturday already, and I've yet to note down my blessings... whoops!  I could moan about how I'm sick (AGAIN!), and how the stuffed up nose has been keeping me up at night, and how the dog threw up and the boy threw up his lunch blahblah, but well, let's look at the bright side of things:

We are thankful to God this week for:

:: His never changing nature and everlasting love. :)

:: The boy being much better.  The hubby says the spleen seems to have gone down in size, so yay!  Here he is, demonstrating proudly how he drinks from a cup (complete with the eyes-closed, very satisfied look, as if he's drinking a vintage brew):

:: Little helping hands, though sometimes they may run off with the owner to play midway through the chores, leaving a mess behind:

:: Teachers.  Teacher's Day has just passed, and I think we all should give all teachers, be it those in schools, or in Sunday school or kindy a BIG pat on the back.  Its a really tough job, and you guys are great!

:: Hot herbal tea.  Hot honey drinks.  Hot anything, that helps to clear up some of the congestion!

:: Little surprises.  I won a giveaway at my friend's sister's blog (Thank you!), and one day the hubby came back after work, bearing new plants and little shrimp for the aquarium, as well as this:

It was terrible going on both days (so many things kept going wrong), so those little things helped!

:: My mum, who has been chipping in with the baby-sitting since I'm rushing to finish up my dissertation writing.

:: You, dear blog readers, who always pop by, and leave me encouragement all the time!

What are you thankful for this week?  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh wow roses! I love fresh flowers - what a sweet hubby :-) I am thankful for my family, that we are (almost) all well - Stay away bugs your not welcome here!! Thanks ful i had a craft craft fair today and gacve everyone the right change :-) lol and didn't get any mental blocks when it was busy :-) (like last time...)

  2. Mama J, so sorry to hear you were unwell. Hope and pray you get better soon. and your little man too. he's so adorable.

    i've so much been thankful for the time i was able to spend with my little brother and cousin.

  3. and the zutter too!! WOO!!! You should mention you got one! hehehe :)

  4. try infusing ginger with honey. i used to have very bad sinus problems and my mum made ginger honey for me. glad to know that the little boy is well!

  5. roses!! awww :)
    hope u feel better soon!
    n i love that pic of babyJ drinking from a cup hehee so cute!

  6. The Clip Cafe: The craft fair sounds great! And hope all of you are fully recovered now!

    Ruth: Thanks for the prayers... :) Yay for the time you could spend with your brother and cousin!

    Jo: Oh yes! Thanks for the reminder! :) Now I can make my own albums, and all thanks to your tip off! :)

    Jon: Thanks for the tip! I've been drinking the Twining version of Lemon with Ginger, and adding honey. Will drink that more!

    Bing: Yup, now much better, thanks! :)

  7. Jus, try to rest more and perhaps Vit C will help in staying away from those common flu.

    Happy to hear good medical result of your little one:)

  8. Denesa: Thanks! Ah yes, Vit C. I'll go pop my vits now, thanks for the reminder!



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