Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Red buildings and milkshakes

On the way to lunch... :)

We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  The hubby was on call on Saturday, so Junior J and I stayed home. The little boy finally got to go to Sunday school again the next day, after a few weeks absence, thanks to him falling sick a few times in a row.  He had fun playing and learning about "salt and light"... :)

We then had lunch with a couple of churchmates at Maxwell Road hawker centre (have you seen the queue for the porridge there?  Its amazingly and scarily long!)... followed by milkshakes over at this little shop nearby called "Once Upon a Milkshake".  

I loved the purple and white colour theme of the place!

The place is pretty nice, and the milkshakes were pretty reasonably priced.  Oh, and their chocolate milkshake was oh so yummy!  The scrapper in me liked how they labeled many things using chipboard lettering:

After lunch we wandered around the area for abit, and walked past the Red dot traffic building.  I really love those bright red walls, pity I only had the iPhone with me...

It had just rained, so the little boy's shoes were all soaked,
 thanks to him trying to walk into every puddle he saw!

Ah well, so that was our weekend, I hope yours was a great one!

PS: I realized I have 2 more weeks before my final draft for my dissertation is due.  I'm still making slow but steady progress, so hopefully I'll meet that deadline and be done with it soon!


  1. thats a lovely picture of your little one! Praying for your dissertation completion!!

  2. all the best, slow and steady is the way to go! yum, milkshakes... :) one day will go there and try hee

  3. jia you, jia to to you! when u submit your dissertation, drop by yah :)
    see yah! love the red dot traffic building tooo! there're flea markets on sunday..

  4. Oh i want a milkshake shop here! I love spearment :-) Mmmmm Ps I LOVE your photography - all your pics are great :-)

  5. Ruth: Thank you... I really need those prayers!

    Bing: Yes do go. The choc milkshake is amazing!

    Pooi: Yes, I'll pop by to disturb you when I'm done hee... I didn't know about the flea markets! Where??

    The Clip Cafe: Thanks for visiting! And thank you! :)



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