Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: What keeps me going

One of my aunts asked me last year (during a New Year family dinner), about "how can you stand it, having to stay at home with the kid the whole day?".  She remarked that if she had to do it, she would go mad.  I must admit, its the usual, regular routine everyday.  Crawl up really early to do housework before the boy wakes.  Then its hanging out with the boy, meals, marketing, and then naptime, where I get a short break (which I usually use to prepare dinner, or more housework).  Then its dinner, a little more playtime, and then off to bed.  The only break from this is sometimes on weekends if the hubby is not working, or Mondays when we have German classes.  And some days, when the hubby is on call, the boy has only mama with him for the full 24 hours.  Things sometimes get exhausting.  Especially with the tantrums that herald the approach of the terrible twos... 

But dear little boy,
Even though there are some days that I do say I'm tired... I have to say I am so glad and thankful that I stopped working to take care of you full time.  I am glad that I have time to cook healthier meals for you and papa, especially since he has to watch his diet more now... and I am glad I have more time on weekends to hang out with both of you.

I am so glad to see the grin on your face and hear a "Good morning, Mama!" from you, on days that you wake up cheerful and not grumpy...

I am thankful on days that you sit down in your chair and eat your breakfast, triumphantly showing me your empty cup after you drain each mouthful of milk:

I enjoy each marketing session we have, where you point out different things to me, and where you get to choose what flowers to buy each week... I love hanging out with you, and having you help me to put flowers into the jar of water, ensuring that each stalk is touching the water:

And each day, you make me laugh from your silly actions.  Like walking all over the house in my mushroom slippers.  Or running off butt-naked to do a duck walk on the floor, while proudly proclaiming you are "nekkid".  Or playing peek-a-boo with me.  Or growling "GRRAAAFALO!" whenever you read the Gruffalo book.

So little boy, even though I've had to discipline you sometimes when you are naughty, and even though you sometimes throw temper tantrums... you are still one of the biggest blessings I've ever received.



  1. It is such a privilege to be able to be a SAHM! Although some, like your aunt, may not be suitable for it. I'm sure you're well-rewarded for the hours and effort put in. And you have your own hobbies/freelance work too! So you have a nice balance!

  2. This is so sweet. It is true that staying at home the whole day everyday with your kids may make some people go mad. During the first week of this year, when my hubby went back to work and I'm left at home with 3 kids, I honestly nearly went insane. But when I look at my kids, I know it's all worth it to be home with them during their formative years.

  3. your little one is so darn adorable... and how so lucky he is to have you as his mom! You are a great mom!!

    Hope you are all well


  4. That's beautiful...I am very sure that the choices you make today are well worth it. :) Lots more adventures and joy to come!

  5. always like to read posts about thoughts of SAHM. Yours is another heartwarming and inspiring one. U are doing a great job juggling housework, meals and taking care of your family. Hang in there!

  6. lovely post and love your pictures
    you have a very cute boy...
    and to your friend who asked you the question, if we can't stand our own children....who can ?
    caring for our little ones is a responsibility that we can't outsource
    but I guess not all will agree with that

    their smile makes it all worthwhile :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement... I agree, being able to stay home is a privilege, but I guess sometimes it does get tough. But we all do get by, whether we're SAHMs or FTWMs... :)

    Rachel: I agree... his smiles help me through the day...

    Ing: Wow, I still have to take my hat off to you. Here I am struggling along with one fellow, and you are taking care of 3!



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