Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: To market, to market...

Since I've been cooking more frequently, trips to the wet market near our home have naturally increased (I usually like to buy my veggies there instead of getting them during the weekly trip to the supermarket).  Both little boy and I love to visit the market, since there are lots of things to see... fresh produce, all sorts of yummy kuehs and munchies, flowers... and a little shop selling all sorts of fish.

One thing that I used to do with the boy before visiting the market was to ask him if he wanted to write the shopping list (in a little notebook) for the day... and usually he'd be more than happy to oblige.  I'd hold his hand, and we'd print out the items in capitals (since now he only recognizes alphabets in uppercase), numbering them and writing the date on top as well.  Then we would put the notebook in his little bag, and it'll be off to the market for some shopping!  Usually Junior J would also get to help to hold the basket and pay the shopkeeper. :)

This habit sorta died off after the busyness of Chinese New Year, but now we've started doing it again, and I'm hoping its a fun way of reinforcing the alphabet and teaching him how to form words and read without having to drill.  We've also started looking at currency and are learning how to differentiate the different coins, since he's "paying" for the food at the market! :)

How do you encourage your toddler to read and write?


  1. When Benji was 2-ish, he was very into 'alphabets' and 'numbers' books. I had 'toilet books' that we go through together while we wait for him to start or finish his business ;) Yah, part reading & toilet training! One day, he attempted to 'read' some words on a bus ad (we were in the car) and he could almost make out some simple words. So, we started to make him read his bedtime stories to us, and also reading outloud signs (No Parking, Danger, etc) wherever we go. And while we are not into phonics/flash card, etc, we sometimes speak to him like those silhouettes on Electric Company. :D

    He's pretty good at reading, but FAIL at writing! hahaha. He hardly picks up crayon/pencils and would rather build lego. He doesn't like colouring and would make us do the writing/drawing for him! One teacher told us that kids have to learn better control of their digits before they can write better. I guess he is still training through his lego building :p

  2. Yvette: Wow, toilet books! Multi-tasking, clapclap! :) I like your approach, using signs and everyday events like bedtime stories. We're not into flashcards too! Thanks for sharing!



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