Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Finally, a functional breakfast table

We used to have a little flip-up breakfast table in our kitchen.  Weekends saw us having breakfast there, enjoying the natural light streaming in, while sipping our hot cups of coffee.  Then Junior J came along... we had less time to pack/clean/maintain the house, and gone were those leisurely breakfasts of hot sausages and fried eggs.  The little table became the kitchen dumping ground for bits and bobs, random containers, as well as tupperwares that we didn't have the discipline to put away in their proper places.  I think the table was feeling rather sad, since it went from being an active participant of happy brunches to this:

Sorry state of the table, snapped on Monday.  We have been blessed with too much tupperware,
such that sometimes its hard to find space in our drawers to store them.
And crowning the entire pile is the pink basin that my MIL uses to wash veggies with... 

I decided that this would be one area I wanted to tackle when the hubby was still on leave, since I thought the table would be perfect for Junior J to do his drawing/painting while I cooked/washed up.  (Currently, he does his painting in his high chair in the dining room while I wash up, and I have to keep running in and out of the kitchen to check that he wasn't painting the chair/himself, or eating the paints.)  So while the hubby was vacuuming last night (my parents had brought Junior J out), I spent about an hour clearing the piles of stuff and cleaning up the table...

A clean table means space for everyone.
Space for little hands to do artwork, and even space for a little bit of cheeriness:  flowers in a jar for mama. :)

So finally, we have regained back our breakfast table!  Hopefully, those breakfasts in the kitchen with hot sausages will be back too! ;)

Do you have a favourite spot to eat your breakfast?


  1. You're rewarded for your hard work in cleaning up! That's a cozy nook for your little man to doodle in. Love the large jar you used for your flowers. Fresh flowers really bring such warmth to a place!

  2. singaporeans have the cleanest/well maintained house cuz they have either family help or maids!!!!! :) great job on attempting to clean up! i am dog tired when it comes to cleaning up. the minute i clean up one area, the other area gets dirty/messy, and when i go back to the area that got messed up, i give up!

    we have a table for having breakfast outside in the garden when it's sunny but we eat mostly inside now cuz its rainy..or not eat cuz the boy has decided to go on a diet AGAIN!

  3. Corsage: Thanks! It was just a jam jar I think... but fresh flowers really brighten a space up!

    Just Me: You have a point there! :p I guess mess is inevitable especially with kids, hang in there! And its so nice that you have a table outside in the garden! Hope the boy starts eating well again!



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