Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Slowing down...

The little boy threw one of the largest tantrums ever last night.  He didn't want to change into his jammies (he's been kicking up a fuss everytime we have to change clothes), and no amount of explaining ("you'll catch a cold sleeping in a singlet") or cajoling ("we need to change quickly and sleep, so that you can wake up early to go to the art museum tomorrow") worked.  He squirmed and struggled, screamed and cried, and even managed to aim a few kicks at me... and in the end, I lost it.  I just told him he had to change into his jammies, and I was going to wait outside the room, and he could tell me when he was ready.  So I left him, still screaming away in his room (I myself was ready to scream my own head off), and went off to do some housework.  5 minutes later, I peeked in and asked if he was ready to change, and now he said "yes".  After a little more wriggling, the boy got into his jammies, and we prayed and he said "sorry" to God.

I must admit the past few days have been extremely tiring ones for me, since the hubby is overseas for the week.  Its just been me and the little boy, who is going through a "I like this", and "I don't want!", or "I want this NOW" phase.  But amidst all the housework piling up, and that mountain of clothes to be folded away, life still goes on...  Being with a toddler all the time this week has taught me to slow down.  To enjoy the little things in life.  To worry less about the small stuff, like the pile of dishes in the sink.  To laugh more, and live more in the moment.  To celebrate today, and look forward to tomorrow.  To walk slower (I have to anyway!), and look around me.  

We spotted mushrooms on a morning walk,
and the little boy has been looking for these every day ever since!

So this week, I am thankful for:

:: Daily encouragement from the Bible each morning.  When God gently reminds me about what matters, even though I tend to forget during the course of the day.

:: Sleep and rest.  Little boy has suddenly been sleeping much better these few weeks (before that, he was still waking up a couple of times a night!), and I've been able to have a decent rest most nights, since I collapse into bed each night, and sometimes fall asleep faster than the little boy!

:: Helping hands, and concerned family and friends: DG mates who offer to buy dinner for me, and my dad and MIL who sms me to check that I'm coping.

:: Skype and telephones that allow a little boy to talk to his Papa even though he is halfway across the globe.

:: Little things that help to make life with a toddler a little easier...

... such as books that help to occupy little minds.  And the huge range available at the library!

The boy likes picking out his own books (usually they are about animals),
and insists on helping me to scan them. :)

... animal friends that can be lined up and named, both in English and Mandarin:

... and playgrounds that let you swing into the sky, and run off all your excess energy!

What are you thankful for this week?

PS: My apologies for the grainy shots (most of the photos were snapped with the iPhone), and for not replying to some of your emails... I will try to get back to you soon!


  1. Toddlerhood sure is a tough one to manage, but it looks like you're doing great! And yes, I agree despite the challenges that swing at you daily, there's heaps to be thankful for... :)

  2. ah...todd meltdowns...we have quite a few of those ourselves these days. They are good at pushing our buttons aren't they? And i have a really short fuse. I have lost it quite a few times, having to carry the boy to his cot and leave him there for a time-out. That's enough to make him howl. A good 2mins later, he'd say sorry thr his sobs and make me feel utterly guilty like a complete jerk. Now the mention of time-out is quite enough. Sigh. Tough love.

  3. I wish I was there to help u babysit! He melts my heart =)

  4. thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. It's always nice to read that you're coping with the help of the Lord! Keeps me aware of his presence in my life too =) It was great seeing you today with the boy. Take care yah!

  5. Jiayou jus! I admire the way u handled ur boy actually. Although u were frustrated but u didn't take it out on him. I have a lot to learn from u on patience!

  6. Evening at Playground was the best moment of my day when i was stay-home with jiejie:)... miss it. both toddlerhood of her and togetherness with her.

    anyway, thankful for your reply. knowing your situation, i truly inspired and telling my self that, life is busy but contented:).

    jia you and cheers to mamahood^^.

  7. June: Thanks for the encouragement! :) I guess it all becomes manageable when I am reminded God will give us strenght! :)

    SY: But your method sounds effective, and I think you're actually really patient with LJ! Guess sometimes they get so frantic during a tantrum, scolding/nagging/smacking just makes it worse, since they are already spiraling out of control... a time-out seems best! And ya, I agree, its tough love, but they do need the discipline I guess!

    Jessie: We wish you were here too! He sometimes makes mock calls to you and A, to tell you hello and describe what he is eating for breakfast. Haha...

  8. Merdrey: It was great chatting for abit! :) You take care too!

    Madeline: Thanks... Actually its been a struggle, some days I do start shouting... :( They really do know how to rub you up the wrong way! We have to keep praying hard for wisdom I guess!

    PC: Thanks for the reminder to savour the times of togetherness! :) And yes, cheers! :)



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