Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Simplifying

This was how our fish tank looked back in April 2007, when we were rather newly married and didn't have kids. The hubby enjoyed fiddling with the tank and doing all the aqua-gardening, and all his time and effort didn't go to waste, since the fish and plants seemed to thrive:

The dog came along later, and Junior J followed about a year later.  Then we had to give the dog away, because the little boy seemed to be sensitive to dogs.  And now the tank sits there sadly, its glass walls green with algae.  So we've decided, in view of our impending move to Germany next year, that we would have to find new (and probably better) homes for all our fish, and are also thinking of selling off the tank and the accompanying equipment.

Guess its something that is necessary right now.  Simplifying by "cutting down" on certain hobbies, since we seem to have less and less time for them, especially with baby number 2 arriving in about 3 months time.  In my case, I've also requested for a break from my design team duties, and have been saying "no" to various scrappy projects (many apologies to my friends for that!).  

Have you had to simplify by cutting down on your hobbies recently?

PS: If you have a fish tank, or are thinking of starting one, and would like to adopt some fishy friends, or purchase a second-hand tank (its a 4 feet tank with an accompanying dark brown cabinet, and of course we'll clean it up first!) or related equipment (eg. filter etc), do drop me a comment or email! ;)      


  1. You guys are moving to Germany! For work? For good? Please don't stop blogging when u move, I have been enjoying making your blog one of my regular haunts! :)

  2. Btw ooks like Germany is fast becoming the next London( where everyone else also seems to be). U r the FOURTH person I know making the move to Germany!!

  3. hey, getting better by now?

    simplicity will just be a while, you'll be back to your hobbies, even if it is not so soon. I'm pretty sure about this:).

    take care dear.

  4. I used to collect stamps. I did the tedious way - soaked in a bowl of water, peeled off with my fingers, lying them on newspaper to dry and arranged them neatly in my stamp book. The stamp books are now in my storeroom.

    We have a fish tank at home too. I used to clean and wash the tank. Now, my dad does the cleaning as a way to de-stress himself after minding my boys.

  5. Kelly: Yup, for hubby's work. For only a year... and yes, I sure hope to continue writing even after moving... thank you for that sweet comment! :) And that's cool! Which areas did your friends move to?

    PC: Yup things are better, thanks! :)

    PR: So nice that your dad enjoys the fish-keeping! Hubby used to enjoy it, but now its just become a point of stress since he has no time to maintain it...



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