Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Concerts in the park

All photos snapped with our compact camera.
Hubby banned me from bringing the SLR, and I'm still trying to get the hang of using this lil camera!

We spent the weekend simply (since the hubby was away the whole of Saturday, this being his 3rd consecutive weekend being on call!).  The highlight was attending the performance by the Singapore National Youth Orchestra in Botanic Gardens on Sunday...

The sponsors had kindly printed programmes as fans, and also gave out free picnic mats... and we enjoyed an evening of Wagner, Tchaikovsky and some Harry Potter.  There was some mock violin playing that also went on...

... as well as yummy pizza to eat after the concert.

Then, to finish it all off, we sat back... 

... and enjoyed the sky as it turned from pink to purple.

I think we might be back next week for the SYF band fiesta. ;)  Is anyone else thinking of going?  We find these concerts a nice way of introducing music to Junior J, while letting him have the room to run around and play.  No fussing and asking him to "sit still, be quiet!" for the millionth time, unlike if it was a sit-down formal concert.  (For the list of concerts and other events in Botanic Gardens, click here.)

PS: It was nice hearing you share about the highlights of your weekend for the giveaway!  If you haven't taken part, just click here, or visit the blog's Facebook page.  Here's to a blessed week ahead...


  1. We been there picnic with friends and it's really a good place for the kids to run about, play kick ball and petting dogs (-:

  2. Thanks, Mama J for sharing this. I have just bought Allysa to BG over her bday and I begin to fall in love with that place all over again. Definitely agree it’s a much safer env for the tods to roam and explore ard. =) & I love open-park events too. Glad you guys had a great time.

    And every time we go out, I will want to bring my DSLR too so that we do not miss capturing great shots. But it’s really hassle; ;lagging stuffs, kid and CAMERA =[ then in the end, we also take grainy/blurry pics with our DSLR coz it was diff to aim & zoom with a fast-moving tod. Ok..maybe it’s more like we weren’t gd with our DSLR yet. haha...& to share a funny snippet, we brought it out during the BG trip to realise the batt went flat within 10mins of shoot and we did not bring the spare batt.

    Will let you know if I’m bringing Allysa there and we can have a little play date for the kiddos.

  3. we were there too, but my boys were not musically inclined, not even Harry Potter's tune could entice them keke

  4. This reminds me of our days in band together bringing the boys there!!

  5. CE: Yup, its a lovely place for kids to run about! :)

    Yvonne: Haha, I totally understand about the hassle, esp the DSLR! And having the camera conk out on us early in the trip has happened a few times to us before! ;) Yup, let me know if you're going!

    Andy: At least there was lots of space for them to run about... ;)

    Joanna: Haha yes it does! At least now I only have to look after 2 "boys", not a whole bus-load... ;)



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