Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: More recyling ideas

We've had a tiring day thus far (with a trip to the National Museum in the morning, where the boy walked alot, and still had to walk all the way to the MRT station after that) and I gotta go and peel a whole bunch of potatoes, so its gonna be a short post today.  

Anyway, after reading the great ideas shared by all of you in the previous post on using recyclables for play (thank you for sharing!), I realized there have been quite a few more ideas stashed away in the archives, so here they are:

:: Treasure bottle activity (also pictured above.  Now they have become part of Junior J's kitchen, and he pretends he's cooking the rice, or uses these as salt and pepper shakers!)

I realize these bottles are gems in the play department.  Do you use these too for your child's playtime?


  1. What great ideas! I love SKIPPY bottles. They are great for musical activities. And I love that they are transparent too. Allysa loves to shake them for some musical rattle activity. Now that you mentioned, gonna post this for my next Merry-making Monday and will do a back-link here. =)

  2. Yvonne: Oh! I'm currently trying to finish up a bottle of peanut butter now, thanks for the reminder to keep the bottle when I'm done! ;)

    And thanks for linking back in advance!



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