Friday, September 9, 2011

Foodie Fridays: Canned cannellini

Wow, the week has really flown by, and its Friday again!  I love how beans are packed with fibre and protein (great when the kid doesn't like to chew meat), and came across these white beans some time ago when I tried making minestrone soup.  So here's a quick little recipe using cannellini beans (that come in a can):

Oops, no picture of the food this round.  Everytime I cook this, I forget to take a shot! :p

Simple Cannellini   
(Adapted from a recipe in "Cooking Italian with Kids", which I borrowed from the library)

:: A can of cannellini beans
:: 1/2 a small onion (diced)
:: 1 garlic clove (crushed)
:: 2 tablespoons olive oil
:: 2 tablespoons fresh parsley (chopped, optional)

1. Rinse a couple of times and soak beans for about an hour (as beans may be soaked in salt water).
2. Put beans in saucepan, add onion and garlic, season with black pepper and olive oil.
3. Set aside for 30 minutes.
4. Heat beans gently til warm, stir periodically.  

Pretty simple yes?  It just needs a little bit of planning before hand to factor in the soaking time, and gives you beans minus other stuff like tomato sauce (think baked beans, but without the sauce).  Some kids that love picking at beans to self-feed might like this... let me know if you try this! 


Do you have any tried and tested recipes for meals suitable for the whole family?  If you have some easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes, do drop me an email at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com, with the ingredients, steps, and if possible, a photo of the food!  We'll post the recipes on Fridays, with a link back to your blog if you have one... :)


  1. That's my go-to beans! Try drain and rinse, then chuck it into ur garden salad and toss with simple vinegarette (balsamic is nice). Instant protein with greens!

  2. SY: Ohh, thanks for sharing! That sounds simple and healthy! ;)



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