Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Packing for baby

Hello!  I won't hang around for long today, since I've loads to pack for baby.  I've finally gotten down to getting the baby clothes out of storage, washed, and the newborn stuff packed into some sort of order (I tried to get Junior J to help today, and was showing him how tiny the baby will be... he was interested at first, but then decided the most fun thing to do would be to fling all my neatly folded piles everywhere!).

There's still loads to do though, since there's still bags of clothes to be sorted: Cold clothes for both boys (donated by friends, for the move next year), all the other clothes for baby J (who has quite abit of stuff since we have hand-me-downs from friends, plus his brother's stuff, PLUS gifts), and Junior J's clothes that he's outgrown, or has yet to break into.  Its quite amazing how much clothes they have, and I'm very sure Junior has more clothes than I do!

One of my headaches is storing the tiny stuff for Baby J, like the bootees and mittens.  We had a shallow drawer with compartments for those when it came to Junior J, but that drawer is now overflowing with art materials.  In addition, I'll have to store baby's stuff in our bedroom, since baby will be rooming with us before we move next year.  So I've just stuffed them all into one compartment in the drawer for now.  Any ideas or tips for this?


  1. Drawer compartments work great for us. I've been using this system for Vee's clothes since he was born. Usually, I don't fold the small items, just squash them into the compartments. Anyway, they get reused very often.

    Kudos on the packing. My #2's due in early Nov and I haven't packed anything. Haha...

  2. Sean's sock drawer looks like yours, heh. All the best for #2 - any day now, huh?

  3. Oh! These baby mittens and socks bring back so much fond memories for me. I especially love those baby smells on the baby clothes. Looks like a challenging journey for you ahead with a new baby and a new journey. Do take care!

  4. MieVee: The compartments we have seem to be too big! All the best for your number 2, how has the pregnancy been? Take care!

  5. Oliomomok: Haha, now everything is just smushed inside! Yes, one more week to full-term!

    Denesa: Thanks! Looking at the tiny mittens do bring back memories of how tiny they are when they are born!

  6. We're using the compartments from Ikea, similar to the ones in your photos, just that they're in black. There're the small square / rectangular ones in each pack, just nice for the tiny items.

  7. I don't know how practical this could be...but what about those little mooncake boxes? We always have lots of them at home and they're small enough to compartmentalise things =) so excited about baby J!!! (I assume he'll also be a J right? =P)

  8. MieVee: Oh, ok! The small ones are now being used for other stuff, so I guess I might have to get more...

    Evergreen: Thanks for the suggestion... Yes, he's going to be another J, couldn't help it! :p



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