Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Babies make you trust God

I have been feeling rather apprehensive about number 2.  Yes, I know, the excitement is there, but still, I am quite worried when I recall what we faced the first time round...  The post-natal recovery after Junior J was slow and painful, and I still can remember all  the difficulties we faced in the earlier days.  The house full of people (it was CNY and we didn't manage to finish spring-cleaning), all the difficulties nursing, the cotton-wool feeling in your head from trying to sleep in 30 minute intervals as Junior J woke every 2 hours to feed for 45 minutes...

Right now, at about 2 weeks more to full-term, we're also contemplating hiring a confinement nanny (long story that).  And we've just received news that the lady that we previously hired for post-natal massage would not be available as she would be overseas.  We're also wondering how little boy will take to having to share our time and attention with a small squalling bundle...  And to top it off, it may be Copenhagen instead of Germany next year, but everything is still uncertain.

In the early days.  Grainy picture, but still quite a keeper, yes?

So many question marks.  Its going to be a tiring time ahead... but I think one thing we've learnt for sure is... while being parents is challenging, God always brings us through.  Perhaps babies are just lessons in trusting God, all wrapped up in wriggly limbs, mittens and loads of poop... and I am thankful that our God is one faithful God that sustains, provides and strengthens.

What are you thankful for this week?

PS: Since I am on the topic, any parents have a good confinement nanny, and a post-natal massage lady to recommend?  Please do leave me a comment, or drop me a note!


  1. Oh! Copenhagen is a lovely lovely place to be!

    Unfortunately I didn't have a confinement nanny and my massage lady wasn't good so I have no one to recommend :( Hope you find one you like! Or you could try the agencies?

  2. I agree with you, being a parent is a challenging and it is a blessing.
    I am thankful that my youngest son is recovering from his wound. He fell down on last Sunday and got swollen on his forehead. But on the afternoon when he woke up from his nap, i found his eye is swollen. I was very worry. Slowly he is recovering now.
    I know that both my sons are in His hand.


  3. Agree with you that babies teach you to trust God. Everything is so fluid when it comes to babies. I'm kind of a control freak so I find the unpredictability very uncomfortable. So I'm still learning to let go and trust God, moment by moment.

    Btw, the nursing cover I got from you is a really good buy. I've been using it a lot :) My baby girl is still trying to get used to it. She keeps tugging at it, trying to get it off her, not used to being "undercover"!

  4. Highly recommended by my church members. 96402191 Fong Lian jie.

  5. *Pat pat* Am sure everything will be alright, but I totally understand your trepidation, as I felt the same way when I was conceiving my little one. It was a rather harrowing ordeal in the first month as I was trying my best to accompany and play with my elder one as if nothing had changed, while fully breastfeeding the little one. But before we knew it, it was over (all too soon!). Hang in there! (Sorry I couldn't recommend any good confinement nanny or massage lady, as my mum was my best confinement nanny, and I did without massages for both my pregnancies as I did c-sections).

  6. sorry can't help you with either recommendations as I didn't have a confinement 2nd time round.
    We felt the same way before Max was born. I had many days and nights of " OMG how am I going to cope with two kids alone?"
    But he just fitted into our family and routine so well I couldn't believe it. We were really blessed with an easy going baby. (things are slightly different now that he's a toddler!)
    With no.3 on the way, I'm a lot more relaxed. I think going from 0-1 baby is the biggest adjustment, 1-2 slightly more and after that I pray that it gets easier.

  7. You've already been a huge inspiration to me as a mum of one, and I can't help feeling certain you'll do just fine with number 2! Yes, it will be tough days for a while, and boy, do I still remember the mix of fear and anticipation I had a couple weeks to full term with D! But you're right, caring for a defenseless, messy, needy little one is faith lesson after faith lesson. One step at a time, one day at a time... hugz. Sorry though, no confinement nanny or masseuse to recommend :b

  8. Corsage: Yes, I've heard! One good point about the place is we won't need to struggle with learning a foreign language anymore! :p

    Yulia: Thanks for dropping by! Sorry to hear about your son falling down! But glad to know he's recovering!

  9. Joce: I totally understand what you mean! All those question marks freak me out sometimes...

    Glad to know the cover is coming in handy! Nice not having to rush to find nursing rooms ya?

    Christina: Oh, thank you! Will contact her if we finally decide we need a nanny... which will be sometime soon!

  10. Hi Jus, I got my post-natal massage with OriginsJamu. The therapist I had was Zeu. A very nice lady. I do recommend her and she helped me with my badly engorged breasts that time. Geez...the images of how she disgorged them still runs fresh in my head (I shall not divludge too much here..hehee)

    I am sure great things will happen. I am so excited for you....Can’t wait to see your little Jr soon.

  11. The Beauties in Our Lives: Oh yes, I can imagine... but thanks for the reminder that the tough times will pass! :)

    2monkeygems: Argh, those are my thoughts too! And yes, they say that 0-1 is the biggest change, then it gets easier as it goes along... I hope that's the case! Hope this pregnancy has been better thus far, in terms of symptoms etc?

  12. Hi dear, I'm sure God is in full control, and you're right he is faithful...he's seen us through the birth of baby J and also helped the whole family to adjust, incl little Vera. So don't worry, you're in good hands! :)

    For confinement lady, you can try aunty Lian or aunt Fong. I will email u their contacts after this. And massage lady, try Siti. (Will also email you.)

    Take gd care *hugs*

  13. Hey mamaj, I can understand your concerns. If anything, I think you are on the right track. At least you are anticipating the worst, better than the best coz you may get really shock otherwise. Having cross that, my advice: tell yourself it's ok that things are hectic in the first weeks. Everyone is adjusting that includes the dogs and cats and birds etc! So dont despair when it seems things are out of hand, its perfectly normal. But once the bb grows older, quickly get yourself, the boy & bb into a routine. And don't expect too much about spending time with the older one. Even if you can squeeze 1/10 of your usual time with him- it's very good already! Key is, have very low low expectations of what's to come, know what's coming up & all that chaos is normal & you'll do fine! And of coz babe, God has given you sufficient grace to be a mummy all over again! He'll provide! Enjoy!!

  14. Last month I was watching a video of new bundle of joy of a friend and the music she used happened to be the first few baby music we played when my elder one was born. Immediately a 'blue' and lots of negative feelings (due to new motherhood then) swept over me!
    But yes, they do grow up and now I look forward to enjoying interests and hobbies together with my girl. The other day we were reading the same novel :)

  15. hey, i am going to use someone.can check with her if she's free or not..let me know. i can tell you about her via email or skype.


  16. Dotz: Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, its going to be one little step by one little step!

    Yvonne: Thanks for the recommendation! Argh, that sounded painful!

  17. June: Thanks for the reminder and the contacts! :) Appreciate it lots lots...

    Homeschool@SG: Thanks for the advice! Will bear that in mind, and take things as they come... and yes, God will provide, Amen!

  18. CE: Oh dear... I guess we all have our bad days in the initial months when its so tough! But I'm very encouraged by all you parents, seeing how your kids have grown! Its so nice to share the same interests and hobbies with your kids!

    Just Me: Heya, thanks! I've replied your email, you take care ok?

  19. Copenhagen is better if not just as good as Germany! At least they have the best YOGHURT in the world : ) which can happily have with cereals for breakfast, with salmon & bread for lunch, and tandoori meat for dinner! Erm the superb beer for breakfast brunch part along the canal maybe later down the road...

    Yes, if not a confinement lady, at least get part time help to come in with the housework/ washing/laundry etc. Food can always order those confinement TingKat. Massage lady frankly can do without (the physiotherapists will tell u that exercise + wearing girdles/pressure stockings etc will work even better) so no need to get stressed over lack of massage!

  20. Hey girl, how're you keeping? Try 98001072 Latifah. Lovely massage. I fell asleep a couple of times! Got her contact from some of your hubby's colleagues =). BFing no.2 is much much easier I must say!

  21. Rowene: Yoghurt? Yum yum! Ergh, I certainly will need the massage, looking at how things went with Junior J! But thanks for the advice, we might get a part-time cleaner to help out during that time...

    Angela: Hey thanks! We got Latifah actually the first round, but she's away during my EDD... hence we have to find other alternatives!



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