Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Magnetic doodle boards

Most kids have one of these... you know the doodle boards where you can write on, then erase using this little slider at the bottom?  Recently, Junior J has been fascinated with printing on the board using magnets.  He makes patterns with them, and then adds other scribbles using the pen...

So if you do have magnets, especially those alphabet ones, how about letting your little one print words on the board (great for younger ones who cannot write yet)?  Or you could print the words, and get them to match them with the actual alphabet magnets... or try different shape magnets too!

Do you have a magnetic doodle board at home?  What learning activities do you carry out with it?


  1. Oh it's such a simple yet great idea! I've the board and the magnet set idling at home since my boy got tire of playing them. Combining them together will be some new fun!

  2. we have one but he keeps asking me to draw the characters from the movie, CARS. I think I need to teach him to spell TIRED. so so tired, i am! arghs.

  3. I find that it's useful for teaching Sophie anything from her alphabets, numbers, mandarin, shapes. Just write and erase. Possibilities are endless. It has also honed our drawing skills :)

  4. My son owns one since he was a toddler and is still using it at the age of 12 now! He simply loves drawing on it:)

  5. Oh your doodle board has colour! I've never seen one of those. We have 2 boards at home, one big and one little for taking out. We write and get requests to draw various things on it :)

  6. CE: Have fun with the two then... let me know how it goes!

    Just Me: Hahahaha... Your comment made me laugh! (Ok, but I fully understand that tiredness!)

    Susan: Yup! I've been drawing and drawing, and its great cos its mess-free!

  7. Denesa: WOW! Til age 12? Then this board is a keeper then!

    Corsage: Yup, actually it was the first time I saw one with colour too! My parents got it for the boy, and he likes stamping to see what colours appear... :)



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