Thursday, October 6, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: Art supplies, arranged

Junior J's art supplies have finally been packed!  These used to be scattered and stored in various parts of the home, but over the past 2 weeks I've managed to sort them into some semblence of order.  I thought it'd be useful to have them easily at hand, so that we can pull stuff out in a jiffy for a project, especially when we'll be extremely busy when Baby J comes along.  

So now, the supplies we regularly use are in little basket (from Arab Street), which is just the right size to fit 4 of those Ikea plastic cups containing varying materials like markers, crayons etc.  Each time Junior J needs to work on some art piece, we just need to pull out one or two of these cups, and return them back into the basket at the end.  There's also some space to store his art journals, watercolour set, playdough mat, scissors, and a whole bunch of stickers.  

All the remaining supplies have been kept in a shelf in the dining room (which is where most of his art gets done).  Most of the stuff we don't frequently use (other types of markers, puffy paint etc) go into clear plastic boxes (from Daiso).  Playdough and clay-making materials (eg. a mini-rolling pin and cookie cutters) have been stuffed there too.  I've yet to find a suitable box for some things, so I've resorted to just stuffing them on the shelf or putting them in a ziplock.  

So far, this system has been working well for us since I can see everything I have at a glance, and get stuff out quickly when I need them.  The basket also allows Junior J to see his materials, and he has been enjoying being able to choose what kind of materials he would like to use during normal drawing/doodling sessions.

How do you store your art materials?  


  1. I just love those clear plastic boxes from Daiso. I just can't get enough of them. Use them to even store my kids' stationary items to even their toys like Lego pieces and cooking toys. You just motivate me to pack some of the clutter I have. Have a nice day!

  2. You've inspired me to get started on organizing all the art and craft materials I have. Everything looks so much neater and I bet it's much easier for J to pack and clean up after his art and craft sessions too.

  3. I've been doing some decluttering and reading up on some related books as well. One great principle I've learnt is to put things where they are used the most often, and you've done just that! And I must say it's very neatly packed, great job!

  4. Zee: Happy packing! :) And yes, those boxes really are great!

    Susan: Yay! Happy packing too... :) And yes, its easier to return stuff, and get stuff out...

    Ruth: Thanks! You did a great job going by the photos I saw!



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