Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thinking Thursdays: Mama school (and necklace making)

We've starting having "mama school" again for the past few days, on days that I can peel open my eyelids in the morning (some days I have no choice, if my mum comes in later and the hubby has to run errands, then I'm left to juggle both boys at the same time).  So I'm slowly getting the hang of taking care of both the kiddoes at the same time, which is what I'll have to do when hubby goes back to work next week... (*Gulp* I really salute those mums who are able to juggle 3 or more little ones!)

So anyway, we've been doing simple things like having reading lessons and just simple fine-motor activities that don't require much supervision, which allows me to feed Baby J and pump while ensuring Junior J has something to do.  This currently is one of his favourites thus far:

Making necklaces from cut up bits of straws.  I borrowed this idea from the craft he did in Sunday school, and he's been threading necklace after necklace for the past two days.  Preparing for this is easy, all you need to do would be to cut up a whole bunch of straws.  Then you'll need to wrap scotch tape around one end of a piece of yarn (to stiffen it, this section should be longer than the length of your straw bits), and tie a knot at the other, then you're all good to go:

Junior J doesn't seem to have the attention span to do those threading activities which involve lacing cards, but he does seem to enjoy making these necklaces (and wearing them after!)... so I'm planning to make more of these with him, perhaps with painted pasta and other materials in the future.

Gotta run, there's a baby to feed and dishes to wash!


  1. Glad to know you're up and about =)and Junior J is keeping busy too!

  2. Evergreen: Haha, no choice, the boy does need to do stuff or he'll get bored and start to disturb his brother! :p



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