Friday, January 27, 2012

Junior J's 3rd: What we ate

Last year, we opted for local yummies like home-made duck soup, popiah and mee siam, and this year we went Nonya instead:

Fish head curry.  Slurp!

Kueh pie ti.  We had this last year too! 

We ordered a whole bunch of dishes from Ivins (including stuff like the ayam goreng rempah, mee siam, ikan kuah nanas), and the food was pretty good.  The service wasn't great though.  And of course, there were fruits (the in-laws are great at chopping fruits up in double-quick time) and drinks too.  Since most of the food was spicy, we opted for home-made bentos for the 3 kids:

Starfish rice cakes, egg roll with button mushrooms, carrots and peas.
Junior J almost finished all of the stuff in his box (his godpa took over the feeding, thanks DK!).

And for the cake, we ordered a truffle cake from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, which is currently our favourite cake shop since they make a mean chocolate cake!  We decided that plain and simple was good when it came to cakes, I always can't bear to eat into those prettily decorated ones...

Favourite family shot.  Thanks Uncle Monster for helping us to take some pics!

All in all... I think we had a blast celebrating Junior J's third birthday.  Next year's will be different, since we'll be in Germany (We just got our visas approved so its CONFIRMED, thank you God!), so we'll see how it'll go!  Blessed weekend, friends!


  1. Ooooo! I love ivins! But yeah it's service does not match up. Blessed 3rd junior j! :))

  2. happy belated birthday!!!!

    ps the food look sooo shiok! the only time i miss singapore is when i see friends whacking singapore food. sobs.

  3. Homeschool@SG: Yes, their food is yummy! But their service.... sigh... Thank you!

    Just Me: Thanks my dear! I wish I could send some mee siam over...



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