Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend wanderings: It hasn't sunk in yet.

That in 6 weeks time, we will be packing our bags and moving half-way across the world.  Maybe that's why we managed to still gallivant for a bit during the weekend and: 

:: Squeeze in some kite-flying with some friends...

... as well as have a picnic and sand-play:

:: Have lunch after church with friends...

:: Go explore, and climb rocks, and discover little marvels like rosy pink snail's eggs...

 ... while abandoning the bike until much much later...

:: Pretend to be howler monkeys and build nests:

"My nest is like the hotel in KL.  Here is the sink, and the hot tub!"
Not bad for a howler monkey, eh?

:: Become firm friends with Findus the cat, who'd follow us everywhere.  Be it on the slide, where he would go tumbling down before Junior J did:

... or resting at the playground, he was there:

"Don't disturb Findus, Mama, he needs to rest!"

He even came along with us for lunch!

And for the littlest one of the family?  He was rather cranky the past few days.  When he's in a good mood, he's content to try to chew his toys (one of his new-found skills).  And he managed to flip from his back to his tummy today!

How was your weekend?


  1. All the best with your move! We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of #3... well I am being impatient, everyone seems quite contented to wait, especially the baby!

  2. So fast you are leaving??! Feeling so excited for your big move! Oh my, is Junior aware of what's about to happen?

  3. we're leaving in 6-7 weeks too! A daunting task but exciting times ahead! Have fun in Germany, soak in the four seasons :)

  4. That's fast! How's the packing coming along?



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