Friday, April 27, 2012

Foodie Fridays: Cooking for 4

Life has gotten busier since I've started cooking for 4.  Junior J has started his usual mealtime antics, so its back to decorating the food to help him to eat better, so here's what he has been getting:

Beef stroganoff. :)

Stir-fried chicken with capsicum...

Ikea over here has moose pasta!

This was on a busy day, where I only had time for sandwiches!

Tortelloni stuffed with cheese...

German noodle, that reminds me of our fried noodles!

The effort seems to be helping the boy eat better, and just the other day, he prepared some "food" and gave me this, saying this was my bento box, haha!

I've started cooking lunch in the morning for the hubby to bring to work as well, since he's had days where he's stuck in the OT and doesn't get to eat at all, poor man.  And to top it off, the littlest in our family has started solids... and right now isn't too impressed with Mama's cooking, going by all the grimaces he gives me every time I try to feed him!  Oh well...

Have a blessed weekend folks!  I've gotta go cook dinner now!


  1. I am sure little baby will love mummy dearest's cooking real soon. But again, it'snt that face cute !!

    Glad to see your bentos again, kinda make me feel that you are not that far away afterall.

    Thank God for internet and cyber world !!

  2. Dorcas: Hey babe, thank you... he's been trying to spit out the food haha! And yes, am so thankful for the internet, helping me to keep in contact with friends like you! Take care!

  3. I can see there's a whole lot of love and creativity that went into each meal...I think it's great that Junior J eats his greens fresh. I have difficulty getting Vera to eat fresh leaves! I think I should start making veggie smoothies soon... :P

  4. Singapore's ikea has moose pasta too! I chanced upon it the other day.

    Love the last photograph! Too cute! Speaking of solids, I'm gonna start no. 2 on solid next month. Going by her milk-drinking standard, I'm more apprehensive than excited about approaching this milestone.

  5. June: Yes I am so glad the boy is able to eat salad, since it is the most common veggie dish here! ;) haha perhaps just try fruit smoothies first?

    Anya & Arielle's mom: Oh, cool! :) All the best for the weaning!



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