Friday, August 3, 2012

Bento Boxes: Ocean-themed bentos

Hello hello!  So here are some meals the boy had, to link in with all the books on the ocean that we've been reading:

:: Fish bento: Omelette, salad, baked baby potatoes.  The eyes of the fishes were made of golden currants, I find them perfect for the goldfish-eyed look!

:: A house for hermit crab bento: Our little hermit crab is walking along a bed of tuna, and has an anemone and starfish to accompany him (made of carrots).  His shell is made of baked corn with butter and herbs.  The corals are made of golden and red currants, as well as salad.  (Click here for another hermit crab bento!)

:: Pufferfish lunchbox, for after church: The boy had bread with cream cheese, currants, strawberries and two biscuits (Those were hello panda cookies sent to us by a dear DG mate.  I admit I hardly give him such biscuits, so he got two as a treat! :p).  The pufferfish were made of hard-boiled egg and cheese, and were swimming in a sea of cheesy peas.

:: Crab bento: The boy affectionately named the crab "Tip Tap" after the book he read!  We had bak kut teh soup that night, so I fished out some pork and mushrooms to form the base.  The seaweed was made of spinach.  Crab carapace was made from sweet potato mash, and the legs and chelipeds from carrot.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. tip tap went the crab? we used to read that book too!

    aiyah was gonna ask you how you cooked the mushroom. i don't see us eating bak kut teh anytime soon!

  2. Adora: Yup! We just read that!

    Haha, the mushroom was from the soup, but you could just pan fry with olive oil and garlic and add a touch of light soy sauce?

  3. Wow, wow and more wow. I love the crab one the most. The golden currant that you used is not so common here in Singapore, but they sure make for super cute eyes for your underwater creatures.

  4. Susan: Thanks! Yes, I've not seen those currants in SG, but they are really convenient for the goggly-eyed look!

  5. wow!!all these are so cute....Just found your blog while browsing & attracted to your bento posts including this...
    Amy-Food Corner



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