Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Made: Polar Animals lapbook

Hello! We've recently started lapbooking during our homelearning sessions. We were looking at polar animals, so Junior J and I did a lapbook on the topic, our first lapbook ever!

:: The lapbook was made using some Book Depository packaging, and I covered the outside with white  paper. Junior J pasted some polar animals (from a printable here) on the cover, added some "icebergs" with paint, and also got to try his hand at typing the title in Powerpoint (he chose the font and got to print it out, and was pretty excited about it!). 

:: This is how the inside looks. I was too lazy to type out the titles, so I just wrote them out using a marker. There's a map to show him where the Arctic and Antarctic regions are, as well as 3 little flipbooks that show him examples of animals from both regions, as well as some that live in the sea. (Update: You can download the printables for the flipbook and map here! Do note that the Beluga whale goes under "Sea Animals", but I've squeezed it into another page to save on paper! )

:: I prepared the flipbooks, and stuck on the names of the animals inside the books. Then the boy got to match the pictures to their names (he cannot read yet, but was able to figure it out by sounding out the first letter for each animal name), and paste them down. 

:: We also watched a short video on the adaptations of penguins and polar bears (you can view it here), and I printed and laminated a couple of pictures of animals and their adaptations (from this site, I used the snowshoe hare chart as a substitute for the arctic hare):

:: And at the back of the lapbook, we pasted a chart of various types of penguins. We used bits of washi tape of varying colours and patterns to identify each type...

... then measured off their heights on the wall with another matching piece of washi tape. That got the boy rather excited and we also measured his height, as well as the height of some of his toy dinosaurs too! (We read "Measuring Penny" before we did this exercise, just to review the idea of measurements and the use of units.) Turns out, he's taller than the King penguin, but shorter than the Emperor penguin!

Not too sure if this is how you do lapbooking, but we did have fun! Will share more activities and books that we covered in future posts, so stay tuned...


  1. What a fun idea! I like the finger painting of ice berg idea.

  2. Really creative idea! Can't wait to start lapbooking too!

  3. This looks so fun and educational! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  4. So creative and fun! Love your fun cardboard ideas =)

  5. Hi, may i know if there are other ways to download your polar lapbook info and pictures without accessing to facebook or subscribing to another source? Thank you.


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately, Scribd now only allows you to download documents via their account or by signing in through FB. Alternatively if this is a problem, drop me a note at john(dot)jus(at)gmail(dot)com and I could try to email you the document instead. :)



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