Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Small Spaces} A child's corner in Japan

Hello! Packing has been crazy (I put books in boxes, and the boys decide those are the most interesting titles and take them out!), but I'm popping by to share a child's space with you. 

Today we have Michelle, to share her son's space. Michelle is a stay-home mum to a two year old boy, and has been residing in Japan since 2010. She blogs about her life here, and she's letting us take a peek into her son's play area.


In our small cramped rented apartment , we racked our brains so hard to have a small area for the son. Initially, we put all his toys into those big plastic containers. But we realized that he only played with whats on the top layer. So we decided to find something to display his ''properties''.

Here's an overview of his small space inside our bedroom. We also have charts and artworks all over the wall.

We went to Baby R US and saw these colorful shelves on sale. We bought one in the first place and later on added the second one 6 months later.

Here are the details of the two shelves. Most of his toys are cars..(BOYS) we arrange accordingly to the types. Balls, mini cars,big cars, trains, flash cards, puzzles etc. The second shelf , you can notice I overturn one shelf case to act as a base for the radio.

By the side of the shelves is a big plastic box where we keep those baby toys he doesnt play anymore. We also use the box to act as a table top for his Tomica Thomas toy set.

Besides this is his book shelf. We also use the shelf top as a base for his lego box and some other toys.

Next to this is his activity table. On the table, we place his crayons, drawing blocks and coloring books as well as other stationary.

Below the table are 2 plastic drawers. Here what's inside, some craft material and wooden blocks. On top of the drawers, we place plastic tray to house his xylophone set and some other craft materials too.


Michelle says that this area is usually in a mess when her son is awake. However, I think its pretty well organized, don't you think? 


  1. I love the colourful shelves! And is that Koko the train peeping out? She's on a green shelf or box so it looks like she's got wings!

    Ohhh what a lovely bookcase too! And soooo neat! Good job, mummy!

  2. I am amazed at how neat she keeps the room. You know the fear with small rooms and many things is it may look cluttered. But she does it well enough for it to look decorated and not cluttered at all!

  3. I sometimes complain that our apartment is too small but when I remember what I lived in in Japan or what little space my friends with kids have to "survive" with there, we are really blessed. Thanks for sharing this. I love shopping at Toys'R Us there. Seems so much more goodies! If I was crazy enough I would ship back so much ahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. i really love the way the toys were sorted. now baby is still touching n pulling out every single thing so i'm using those covered plastic storage box~ hopefully i can implement this when he's older!

  5. I find that children will only play with things that they can see at their eye level. We tried a big classic toy box. Big mistake. They only took the toys they saw from the top. You might also want to try (if you have storage) to rotate the toys. This way it will seem like your child has "new" toys.

    For more space saving ideas for a growing family, check out



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