Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Venice

We spent the week after the hubby's conference in Venice. The boys were still sick, but we thought that the warmer weather down south would help with recovery. Venice was beautiful, all serene and classy sitting on the water, and I think the boys enjoyed the boat rides.

It was nice, walking about, feeling spring in the air and the sun warm on our backs. 

We're back home though, and back to freezing weather. Thing is, we came home to find that our central heating and hot water supply has kaput (we're not sure if it was because our friend accidentally turned off one of the radiators)! We're praying that its a minor repair and that the radiators don't have to be replaced. This old place we're renting seems to be never short of problems, and I admit we're really looking forward to going home to SG! Oh well, praying hard, and hoping the problem gets fixed soon since the house is coooooold! Brrr.

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  1. So lovely the shots you took of Venice. I hope to be able to visit that place one day.



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