Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five: The month of May

Goodness, I can't believe that the week has zoomed by and its already Friday. And that we're already in the month of May! Whatever the case, here's what's been on my mind the past week:

:: Yesterday I stepped into our bathroom to find the floor flooded. Our cistern broke and had leaked all over the floor. Which seems to confirm that we are up for a major redo for the toilets, so May's going to be spent sorting out tiles and taps and whatever. 

:: Speaking of spaces, I found this peek into these spaces of creative people intriguing. My favourite is Nigella Lawson's, since her's is my idea of a dream study... one that is piled high with books!

Source: Buzzfeed

:: Baby J has started the whole cooking thing, and has been having fun with all the pots and pans and play food. Today, he counted from three to eight, which caused me to nearly fall off the bed in surprise! He's growing up so fast, and time seems to slip away quicker because we're so busy with the two of them. I'm reminding myself to treasure his toddler days before they slip away!

:: Mealtimes have been quite the nightmare, because both the boys haven't been eating well. We seem to have two boys who can survive mainly on air, and I'm hoping to work on more variety for their meals this month. Its a challenge because baby J seems to rash up with so many foods, while Junior J has suddenly decided that he only likes (and eats) things that are fried, crispy or drenched in a whole load of sauce. 

:: Finally, some of you might have read this article about letting children be bored because it encourages them to be creative, as well as develop their imagination. I admit I was reassured after reading this, because some days I feel guilty for letting Junior J potter about so much. I sometimes wonder if I should be introducing more structured activities for him, but he seems quite happy just playing with his brother and his toys, and making up his own stories. I guess this other post does have a point, that sometimes "filling time doesn't improve learning, it impedes it". What do you think?

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