Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend wanderings: Flea market findings

I simply love flea markets. I love being able to get stuff at cheaper prices. I love digging for kid lit and vintage items amidst all the stuff for sale. And I love the idea that we're helping to do our little bit for earth too. So after blogger Evelyn shared about the SAS PTA White Elephant Sale (you can read her post about the sale last year), we couldn't resist paying a visit this morning.

The hubby wanted to come along too, so we had to bring the kids with us. Between the two of us, we managed to score a whole pile of reads (it was $10 for a big red plastic bag which you could fill with as many books as you wanted):

Some were award winners, some were classics, like those by A.A. Milne, and we scored quite a few nice board books for baby J who has earned about a reputation for being a book wrecker. While some were really old or somewhat bashed up, we were pretty pleased with our haul!

There were lots of other things being sold as well, ranging from toys, board games and puzzles, to furniture and clothes. Some of the nearby homes were also having yard sales (and apparently that's where the best buys are), but we didn't manage to check those out. However, we still managed to snag a set of Dinosaur Monopoly and a dino puzzle for Junior J, as well as a lamp-shade for our study. The boys even got toy cars as presents, from one of the mothers who had finished selling off almost all her stuff!

I think we'll definitely be back next year for the sale!

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  1. Next year, I'm going to ignore my husband when he says "Huh. Woodlands is s far", and go with you!

  2. i love flea markets too! and wow what a great deal those are!! *drool*

  3. wow! that's a really good deal!
    i've not been to flea markets for ages, maybe it's high time to keep a look up for good deals.
    Thanks for sharing =)



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