Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Five: This pregnancy...

... has been rather different. I know, they say every pregnancy is different. However, when it came to the previous two pregnancies, we were blessed that both were pretty smooth-sailing with minimal symptoms. However, this round:

:: The nausea has been a lot worse. When expecting the two boys, I had minimal nausea. However, for this pregnancy, there were a couple of weeks where I had to spend time with my head in the bowl almost every night. Sweet stuff made me feel sick. The baby's poopy diapers made me gag. Bland foods like steamed fish made my stomach churn. The strange thing is, all three of our babies seem to have an aversion to wanton noodles. The hubby forgot, and bought that for breakfast on Mother's day, only to have me upchuck everything after church!

:: This little one has decidedly spicy taste buds. I've been craving all things spicy and/or salty. With Junior J I ate lots of carrot cake. With baby J, it was pretty spicy stuff like roti prata. But this round, I've been needing to eat spicy things almost every meal, and found it hard to stomach bland-tasting foods. I ended up cooking and eating a lot of instant noodles (and felt so guilty about the MSG!) for supper, and eating lots of chips. I had images of laksa, mee siam and roti prata floating about in my head... Like this one:

And posting this makes me hungrier than ever!

:: I've been hungrier. While I've been battling nausea, I also found that I had to eat something every two hours or so, or risk feeling dizzy. So its been small spicy meals most days, with lots of snacks in between. It seems like I spend half of my time stuffing my mouth with something!

:: It seems like this baby is growing a lil faster than his/her brothers. Both Junior J and baby J were pretty small at birth (about 3 kg). During our last check-up, our gynae mentioned that this little bun has grown a little more than expected, which resulted in the ultrasound pushing the due date forward. To my birthday. (Dear baby, if you could, please try not to come on Mama's birthday, ok? You'll be a beautiful birthday present, but it would be nice not to spend my birthday in labour, or having to eat some steamed fish hospital meal instead of birthday cake.)

:: I've been more exhausted. Perhaps its having to chase after the two boys, especially baby J who absolutely cannot sit still. Or maybe its age catching up on me. Whatever the case, I'm hoping the energy levels would start picking up soon now that we're in the second trimester.

Many friends have remarked that we may be expecting a girl, since this pregnancy feels so different from the previous two. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

How about you? Did your pregnancies feel the same, or were there differences?

Mum in the Making


  1. You just described my pregnancy with my daughter. The first trimester I was unbelievably sick and so tired I needed to sit sometimes while showering. As nauseated as I was, it was all I could do to not order Indian food. Maybe gender does play a part! And since you have 2 wonderful boys, I bet you'd happily welcome some bouncy pigtails.

  2. Hoping for a girl for you.
    I have different symptoms for my 2 pregnancies but both are boys.

  3. I ate a whole lot of chips too during the nausea period. And drank coffee after the nausea season. (guilty as charged)

  4. My pregnancy with no.4 was quite different. Nausea for most of 9mths with only a little reprieve in Month 8. BUT ... one food I could actually eat and keep down was ---- SALMON SASHIMI! I had it several times a week. Sooooo yummy. I think the baby wanted lots of Omega 3, and I think he got it. LOL. He forgot to ask for something for strong teeth though!

  5. This pregnancy has been mighty different! Well firstly because we knew in time and it's been craving for sour & salty foods, terrible nausea and fatigue! I could drink hot & sour soup everyday!!
    The total opposite when I had my son - a heap of energy the constant craving for sugary foods! It is amazing how each pregnancy is so different!



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