Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five: We're all learning

And its the weekend again! Its been another full week for us, and we've also learnt quite a bit along the way.

I've learnt that:

:: You can make creamy healthy ice cream using just one ingredient. Yes, ONE ingredient. And all you need would be a blender or a food processor, no ice-cream maker required!

I tried the modified recipe and made Nutella ice cream for the kids, and they loved it. We're going to try the chocolate version next. (Click here for the steps!)

:: Sometimes, great ideas don't always work out, and its totally ok. (Click here if you want to end your week with a laugh!)

Lil J has been learning loads. These past two weeks, he's figured out how to:

:: Stack a tower of cubes, up to 12 cubes high.

:: Fix those Duplo flowers together into a high tower, and proclaim proudly at the end "J fix!"

And Junior J has learnt that:

:: Its very fun to dress up, especially when he can help himself to some oven mitts!

He says he's a robot. And then he follows his lil brother and tries to freak him out.

Here's to a blessed weekend, everyone! 

Mum in the Making

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  1. Hmm... I'm going to try to make the strawberry n banana ice cream =)

    Boys like to play dress up too, mine included. He will pull his clothes up till the top of his head and declare that he is an old lady (half naked btw hahah)

    1. Haha Z is funny!

      Happy making the icecream!

  2. Junior J is so funny! He looks more like he's going to rob the bank with a ski mask.

    1. LOL! He does, now that you mention it!



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