Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend wanderings: Doctor for a Day

Junior J and I had the chance to attend the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital's "Doctor for a Day" programme on Saturday, thanks to Jean who helped some of us get a slot. This programme was organized for children aged 5 to 12, to let them experience the various aspects of being a doctor. 

So they got to dress up in scrubs, and learnt how to sanitize their hands properly...

... learn how to use a stethoscope and blood pressure meter in the GP's office:

They went to the Accident and Emergency room and learnt how to clean up cuts and practiced bandaging...

... and even got to use the defibrillator!

Then it was off to the Nursing room where they learnt how to care for infants. 

From feeding the baby...

... to changing the baby's diaper. (This was probably the favourite room for all the girls, who were enthusiastically taking part, while the little boys looked a little lost.)

And finally, they went to the operating theatre and helped in removing lung tumors from Mr Smoke-A-Lot!

To end it all, the kids all got to dress up in white coats to have their graduation photo taken, and were presented with the photo, a certificate, as well as a little stethoscope to take home with them. 

A big thumbs up to the hospital for such a well-planned programme! The facilitators were engaging and enthusiastic (even though they had been facilitating group after group of little participants), and I think the kids enjoyed themselves and got to learn a little about the medical profession. 

You could see that a lot of thought and care went into planning the event, from how smoothly the groups were being moved from room to room, to how the rooms were decorated (complete with mock blood pressure monitors, x-rays etc) and the mini scrubs and lab coats that the children could wear. 

Junior J said that he enjoyed himself (he especially liked the surgery bit). Unfortunately, he was very restless most of the time and kept insisting that I had to be in the room (parents were asked to stay outside the room to give the facilitators and children space), and I think it didn't help that he was very tired, but hyper from chocolate ice cream (my bad, that one!). I'd think he's a little too young for this right now, but would probably have enjoyed it more if he was older. However, the rest were engaged and interested during the session, so it really was a great job on the hospital's part for organizing this programme. 

The restless little doctor. 

PS: All sessions for this programme are full, however, you could check this site to see if there are more available sessions in the future. 

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