Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple September: Time with the oldest

My mum was available to babysit Lil J last Friday, so I brought Junior J out for the day. We took a train down to town (with a lot of "are we there yet?'s from him), and spent the time watching fountains, looking at pretty cakes...

... and having a good lunch together. 

He brought along a friend, who helped to "feed" him lunch.
These days, the once almost vegetarian boy (who loved salads and hated any meat)
chomps on loads of meat, and is on a veggie strike. 

Of course, we had to end off lunch with a dessert treat. He loves desserts very much, but thankfully he prefers to eat fruit more than sweet treats.

Yoguru with blueberries and mochi. His choice of toppings.
But I said it was ice-cream, because he said he didn't want yoghurt. :p

We also paid a visit to Public Garden, but by then he was really tired out from all the walking and we didn't stay for long. And at the end of the whole trip, we were both exhausted, but he declared he loved "Mama-J" time. (I guess he'd enjoy a trip to the zoo better, but these days my tolerance for heat has gone down a lot thanks to the pregnancy, so I'm leaving the sunny trips for days we are out together as a family!) I'm hoping that we'll be able to keep this up, being able to spend some time alone with each kid!


  1. sometimes the simplest day spent just with one another is the best :) hope you have more days like these with each kid too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. My husb and I just decided we should schedule in some alone time with #2 too, with both of us. Cos she hardly ever gets that. Sounds like Mama-J time was a success!

  3. I find it depends on the ages of the kids and whether there's a baby in tow or attached to your hip - I don't get much of a chance to do this, but now that baby is a year hopefully it'll be easier. If I'm alone sometimes just having 2 out of 3 is quality time already! We've recently started taking only 1 on holiday at a time so we have some really good quality time together.

  4. if the husb and i get a day off on a school day, we will just bring teanne out so that she can enjoy some solo attention from both of us. or on days when she's sick and i will take a day off to look after her myself.

    my husband wants to do date nights with his daughter when she's older too!

  5. So nice that you got some time to spend with Junior J. Great that you ventured so far even in this stage! Take care.



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