Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Dr Js are in the house

There are days when I get really tired by 5 pm in the evening. Sometimes, I'm so tired, I end up falling asleep on the sofa while watching the kids play. So the other day, while I was nodding off, I gave them their little doctor's bag, and told them Mama was sick, and could they please just give me some TLC. (I was hoping that I could just nap while pretending to be a very sick patient.)

So they did. Junior J dug out the surgical caps, donned one, placed another on his brother's head, and gave out stethoscopes. Then they took turns listening out for the baby. 

The boys inherited some of Papa's surgical caps. Seems like doctors wear pretty funky ones in the OT!

Junior J was a most industrious doctor. He fed me medicine and vitamins using huge syringes, rubbed bottles of medicated oil on my tummy, gave me a pillow for my head, and Lil J proclaimed me "All better now!". I most certainly didn't get my nap, but it was fun nonetheless!

And if you're interested, here's what we put in our doctor's kit. We didn't have to buy any of those store bought plastic kiddy toys (the yellow stethoscope was a freebie from the "Doctor for a Day" programme). I was a little thankful that they had lost the bandages, otherwise I'd be a mummy of another kind!

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  1. OOoohhhh patient for a moment seems fun to play! :p
    hope u get more rest.

  2. You do so much every day! Do try to get as much rest as possible!



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