Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lil J's 2nd: Party decor

This time round, we didn't do much in terms of party decor (I'd love a dessert table, but it didn't make sense for such a small gathering, plus making the bus took up most of my time!). So we just dressed up the dining area with lots of crepe paper (just like our seaweed wall that we had at Junior J's 3rd), and blew up balloons in Lil J's favourite colour: yellow. I decided to go with more muted shades, so we used light yellow, cream and silver coloured crepe paper (the light yellow crepe was surprisingly hard to find, and we only managed to buy it at our third try, at Art Friend!). The words were outlined using a grey marker and cut out of regular white paper. My FIL gamely helped me to string everything up!

Surprisingly, even though the decorations were simple, they provided quite a bit of entertainment for the kids in themselves. They had fun running about with the extra ribbons of paper:

And by the end of the party, the two older kids had fashioned a "trap" between the play kitchen and the fan on their own accord, and absolutely refused to let us take it down:

The crepe paper curtain has long been pulled down by Lil J, but the boys are still having fun with the remnants of crepe paper, wrapping toys with it and twirling them about. I'm going to give it a few more days before I start on my cleaning rampage to clear the scraps!

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