Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: Lost and found

The hubs brought Lil J to the library yesterday evening before dinner, while Junior J stayed home with me while I cooked. I suddenly remembered that we were out of some groceries, and decided to give him a call. His handphone rang, as I juggled my phone and washed up some dishes at the same time.

Someone answered the phone. "Hello?" It was a woman's voice. I am used to having the hub's phone being answered by others when I call him at work, since there are times that he is busy doing a procedure, and gets a nurse to take the call for him. But this time, he was supposed to be at the library. With the little one. Returning our almost due library books.

"Hello?" I say again. I wonder if something has happened to him. Or the boy. The tap is running. I turn off the tap.

"Hi, I am from the library counter, and we have your husband's phone. Someone found it and passed it to us." I realize I had been holding my breath. I start breathing again. I thank the lady and almost tell her I'll let my husband know, but catch myself in time. I picture how frantic the hubs would be, since this is not the first time he has lost/misplaced his phone.

Thankfully, the hubs realizes he has dropped his phone, and makes a U-turn back for the library to look for it. Thank God for honest helpful strangers, whoever you are!


Phone adventures aside, it has been a sniffly week for us. Lil J is down with another bug which he caught from Junior J, so we've been mainly housebound for the past two weeks or so. I've also caught the bug, and we've thrown all sleep-training/weaning plans out of the window for now. The little one was so sick, he spent two days or so mainly just lying down dazed (something we hardly see with Mr Active) while battling a high fever that refused to go even with meds. Am so thankful for an experienced PD, who gave us anti-viral meds for the boy (this is the first time we've ever had to give anti-virals meds!). The fever finally broke after we started the meds, and now all of us have to just recover from our coughs.

So this week, I am thankful for quiet days at home. Home, which is in this terrible mess from having the kids staying in most of the time. But still, home which is where we get to rest and read, and curl up with our favourite books and toys. 

Home, where we have our everyday messes and play. Where we are safe, and surrounded by love.

Also, today marks baby J's 37th week. Ding ding! He's now full-term and I am thankful, even though I have currently reached the stage where doing anything seems to be difficult and uncomfortable! We are praying that he stays in there for awhile more, so we have time to prepare Lil J in terms of sleep-traning (Any tandem feeding mums out there? I need your advice!). Meanwhile, its one day at a time. 

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Haha, srsly, if another woman picked up my hub's phone i'll have the same reaction!

  2. Gosh I would have freaked out too, if another lady answers my husband's phone!
    Glad the fever finally broke for your little one. You're simply amazing, to be able to cope with two sick kids, while being sick yourself. Will pray that the littlest one stays inside for a while more, so that you can try to catch a breather. Take care, super mama!

  3. Haha! I will react exactly the same way. And being the drama queen I am, I would go, 'Excuse me, WHO ARE YOU???' LOL

  4. Take care! It's so worrying when they are uncharacteristically listless... Exciting times ahead!



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