Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Mummified

I was cooking, and the boys were playing with Papa. They took out their doctor's bag, and the hubs started practicing his bandaging skills (for some reason he also added a toy pasta scoop to his head, and I will not post a photo of him, lest he kills me!), and decided to walk about like a zombie. Both the boys were amused. So Junior J asked to be bandaged next (pasta scoop included), and proceeded to try to scare his little brother:

And of course, the littlest (for now) also wanted to join in the fun!

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  1. Zombies really are quite the thing these days right!!! I reckon they're kinda freaky but at least kids see the fun side of it!

  2. That's cute, especially matching the zombie bandage with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt!

  3. Hi! May I know where did u buy the chalkboard paint (if it even is ahh) from? Artfriend only has the chalkboard spray can...

    Been looking for it. Tx.

    1. Hi there! We bought it from Art Friend, and they should stock both the spray and the paint versions. Previously they had two types of paint versions, the Martha Stewart version and a cheaper version which works too. Perhaps check if they would bring in stock soon. If not google blackboard paint, if I recall correctly there is a paint shop in SG that stocks a Kangaroo brand that is pretty affordable too. :)



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